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On average, retail brands save

352 hours
a year

with Brightpearl Automation

Do you spend so much time on manual tasks that you run out of time?

Are you manually processing orders or updating your accounting journals rather than growing your business?

You aren’t alone. So many businesses are bogged down in day-to-day operational tasks, spending on average more than 290 hours yearly on admin alone. This has an opportunity cost but also an emotional one – well over two-thirds of employees feel ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of work admin they have to do.

We see you – and we’re here to help. Our customers save an astonishing 352 hours each year with Brightpearl by Sage’s powerful automation engine.

Here's how we can help free up your time:


Order Management

Automate order processing across multiple sales channels, including reservation, fulfilment and tracking updates


Inventory Management

Automate inventory transfers and stock level updates


Accounting and Finance

Automate invoicing, payment reconciliation, and tax calculations



Automate customer communication, including email marketing campaigns and order status updates


Reporting and Analytics

Automated reporting on deep insights on sales performance, inventory and customer behaviour

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Want to see how?

Brightpearl processed more than 250,000 orders in a single day last Cyber Monday without any glitches.

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Discover How Top Brands are Using Automation to Save Time and Boost Revenue

Join our webinar and discover how businesses like yours are reaping the rewards of automation to save time and skyrocket revenue.In this upcoming session, hear from Brightpearl clients who are automating tedious tasks like invoicing, purchase orders and order management, and are slashing tens of hours a month!Imagine freeing up your team, cutting back on costs and being able to serve your customers faster and better.Reserve your spot now and unlock the secrets to automated retail.

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Find out more about the benefits of Brightpearl's Automation


Five Automation Engine Hacks to Save 300+ Hours a Year

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Customer Stories

See how our customers benefit from Brightpearl's Automation

"A huge benefit of Brightpearl has been the abilty to automate shipping methods; we used to have to do this manually on a daily basis, so the software has saved us at least 20 hours a month"

Jack Lear
Bodysocks &

"We now save 60 hours per week on order entry alone thanks to Brightpearl's automation engine"

Nick Ernst
Snap Supply

"We're using Brightpearl Automation to allocate and fulfill orders automatically - we're now processing them 30% faster! It's put our businness firmly back in control - while leading to happier customers"

Alida Sholl
Rep Fitness

"Brightpear's Automation Engine saves me 25% of my order processing time every day - and we've only really just scratched the surface! That time back means I can focus on running other areas of my business rather than processing orders"

David Walsh

"We're now saving 40 hours each month on tasks that previously we would have had to manage manually, which means we're able to optimize staffing and remain lean as an organisation, despite our growth"

Jessica Floyd

"Automation has been transformative; we’ve probably saved seven hires"

Sean Bowman
Dan-O’s Seasoning

"Brightpearl has given us back so much time every day – our team gets our orders out five times faster than before, and we’re freed up to focus on more important aspects of growing the business"

Olly White
Goose & Gander

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