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Stop getting held back by tedious manual inventory and order management tasks – and start achieving higher profit and stronger growth (even as markets shift).

From multi-channel order fulfillment and multi-location inventory management to shipping and accounting, Brightpearl automates almost everything, saving you 1000s of hours and allowing you to focus your energy where it counts.

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Monica + Andy
"There’s simply no way we could go back to running the business without Brightpearl – all those spreadsheets would be a disaster! It has proved absolutely critical to have our entire business on one central platform. "

Brian Bloom

Co-Founder, Monica + Andy

How Brightpearl makes
inventory & order management easy yet insightful

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Multi-channel inventory and order management

Selling on multiple channels is a smart way to keep up with ever-changing customer demand and market shifts. But multiple channels also means multiplied operational challenges – unless you use Brightpearl. See instant updates across all channels and locations after every order, purchase return and warehouse transfer – with no slowing down during peak periods.

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Complex order fulfillment made simple

Brightpearl customers process orders up to 70% faster thanks to our Automation Engine.Set your own rules to automate everything, including partial fulfillment, dropshipping, PO creation, order routing, multi-location inventory picking, invoicing, and Fulfillment by Amazon. Get intelligent suggestions to save time and cut costs – for instance, route certain orders to specific shipping carriers or get alerted when there’s a high-value, fraudulent or VIP order that needs your attention.


Easy multi-location inventory management

Always fulfill orders from the most suitable inventory location (including 3PL, dropship, FBA and your own warehouses) using Brightpearl. Get intuitive warehouse transfer recommendations based on forecasted sales for each location, so you can place purchase orders with confidence.

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Smart forecasting and inventory planning

To get through the supply chain crisis and economic downturn, planning is everything. Brightpearl Inventory Planner offers reliable buying recommendations based on demand predictions, supply patterns, seasonality, sales promotions and marketing events. So you’ll always have the right amount of inventory to meet demand, while avoiding tying up your cash in excess inventory.


Ultimate inventory accuracy

Inventory shrinkage due to lost, damaged or stolen items as well as obsolete inventory can result in costly consequences such as overselling, sending faulty products to customers and poor inventory planning. The solution is regular cycle counts. Brightpearl offers flexible, partial-cycle counts, and updates your sales channels accordingly. It means you can stay on top of inventory (without having to do labor-intensive full cycle counts).

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Product and sales performance analysis

Spot your hot (and not-so-hot) products on each sales channel based on metrics such as order volume, revenue, margin or customer lifetime value. Identify your most cost-effective marketing channels to drive revenue and profits. Plus, see all your sales channel data and marketing data on one single platform, avoiding inaccuracy and saving tons of time.


Plug & Play in minutes

Instantly access a huge range of Plug & Play apps and tools, including top e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, 3PL, shipping carriers, payment and accounting options. You can quickly start selling on new channels like TikTok or Instagram and create your unique e-commerce tech stack. All our integrations are designed for high order volumes, so you don’t need to worry about sync delays or glitches when your business scales or orders spike.


Flexible returns workflows

In just a couple of clicks, clone your sales orders into credits and raise new orders for exchange or refund. Choose how and when to process the inventory, allowing it to be put back in stock, written off or quarantined.

General Ledger

Accounting for Inventory

Choose from Brightpearl’s integrated accounting or your preferred accounting providers like Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, Xero to keep your financial data updated. Know the true value of your inventory with FIFO (First-In, First-Out) inventory valuation, automatic product cost calculations and accurate landed-cost reporting.

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