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Inventory, orders, customers and finances in a single system. Gain the efficiency and insight needed to accelerate growth and profits.

Retail Accounting

Instantly see the profitability of your retail business across all channels, products and customers. Know exactly what your cash position is and where operations could improve.

Multichannel Retailing (on and offline)

Connect your physical shop to your eCommerce store and online marketplace listings up to Brightpearl’s POS. View sales data and stock levels for in-depth insights.

Order Management Software

Brightpearl compiles orders from different channels into a single interface for effective order management & fulfillment.

Some of our most popular integrations

Easily integrate with 3rd party systems to make your retail business even more powerful.

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  • How secure & safe is my data with Brightpearl?

    With over 1000 businesses trusting us with their business data security is our top priority. All of your data will be hosted through Amazon’s Web Services, acknowledged as market leaders for security and reliability. You can read more about security here.

  • How long is a typical Brightpearl implementation?

    A typical assessment and implementation of Brightpearl can last anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months depending on the depth and complexity of your needs. On average one business goes live every single day with Brightpearl’s ERP making us the experts in retail software implementation.

  • Do you have existing clients in my industry sector?

    Brightpearl has over 15000 users in 30 different countries selling a huge variety of products. Read through a selection of customer stories here. or ask one of our product specialist for a customer similar to you.

  • Who in my business would be accessing the system?

    As a holistic business solution Brightpearl will be accessed by almost all key staff members. Each user will be set up with custom permissions to ensure that they are only able to access the areas of the system which are relevant for their roles.

  • Can Brightpearl help me gain a competitive advantage?

    Brightpearl offers the most extensive reporting options in the market, including: real time financial reporting, in app sales analysis reporting, and enterprise level BI through Brightpearl Insights.

  • Is Brightpearl GAAP compliant?

    Brightpearl meets GAAP requirements for the UK & USA; furthermore it is the only accounting system made specifically for multi­channel merchants. Over 1000 businesses trust Brightpearl to take care of their management accounts, bookkeeping and tax reporting saving valuable time to allow them to grow faster than their competition.

  • What is meant by integrated accounting?

    Brightpearl’s ERP software collects sale and purchase information in real-time as orders are processed, removing the need to rekey or transfer data between multiple systems. Journals are posted automatically as a byproduct of running your business saving you time and reducing errors.

  • Is Brightpearl geared towards international business?

    The new world of commerce is a truly international world. Brightpearl fully supports cross border trade. Features such as multiple currency ordering, sales tax engines and our new Landed Costs module, makes Brightpearl the smart choice for businesses trading internationally.

  • How does Brightpearl help me account for inventory?

    Each time inventory moves in or out of your warehouse Brightpearl automatically accounts behinds the scenes, offering seamless, perpetual inventory management. The automation of cost of goods sold (COGS) based on first in first out (FIFO) accounting puts an end to complex stock journals enabling you to see daily gross profit.

  • Why should I use Brightpearl instead of Sage (or similar)?

    Brightpearl’s accounting ERP was built for merchants by merchants and we understand the importance of integrating accounting into the heart of your business software. Through integration Brightpearl saves time and delivers richer insights than possible with multiple systems.

  • How will my warehouse process orders through Brightpearl?

    Brightpearl’s warehouse module is based around a print, pick, pack and ship methodology, through which we recommend processing up to 2000 orders per day. During your assessment we will develop a deep understanding of your requirements and propose the best solution to meet your needs.

  • Is Brightpearl compatible with barcode scanners?

    Brightpearl offers support for barcode scanning to help you increase efficiency and eliminate mispicks through integration to Boxora - a free warehousing app for all Brightpearl customers.

  • Are multiple warehouses & warehouse locations supported?

    Brightpearl offers support for multi-warehouse businesses, providing the ability to see stock levels, purchase orders and returns across each location. Each of your warehouses can be arranged in an aisle, shelf, bay and bin system, allowing picking lists to be created, ordered by your optimum warehouse route.

  • Can Brightpearl speed up the production of my shipping labels?

    Many businesses who come to Brightpearl waste hours per day rekeying data, this can delay the fulfillment process and lead to errors. Brightpearl can integrate with almost any carrier to automatically print your shipping labels. Additionally, we integrate to market leaders in rule-based shipping aggregation.

  • Can Brightpearl produce customized packing notes for all channels?

    All orders, no matter which channel they are placed on, are collected centrally within Brightpearl making it simple and fast to print off a fully configured delivery note. During your implementation our consultants can create templates suited to your businesses, including full support for integrated shipping labels.

  • Is it easy to import and export data from Brightpearl if needed?

    We understand that data is king, especially for buyers and merchandisers. Most screens within the app allow you to easily export key data and reports into csv or xls. If you would prefer your spreadsheets to be updated daily directly from your Brightpearl database, Brightpearl Insights has the answer.

  • How well does Brightpearl support international purchasing?

    Brightpearl’s landed cost module makes Brightpearl the perfect choice for importers. Brightpearl helps you work out your true unit costs once import duty and shipping has been paid and ensures all your product margin reports are penny accurate.

  • How does Brightpearl manage my supplier relationships?

    Our merchant specific CRM module comes with full supplier management, two-way communication & activity tracking . Keep on top of invoices and statements, record emails & activities and monitor supplier performance by sales, profits and returns in a single cloud-based platform.

  • Can Brightpearl provide metrics to monitor my product performance?

    Brightpearl Insights can provide margin reporting, sell through rates and inventory cover updated daily and delivered to your inbox. In addition to our out-of-the-box reports, you can work with our retail reporting consultants to build the best reports to run your business.

  • Can Brightpearl help me re-order more effectively?

    Effective merchandising and reordering is at the heart of a successful retail or wholesale business. Brightpearl’s in-depth reports will allow you to review range performance and intake to optimize sales, improve cashflow and reduce markdowns.

  • Which sales channels does Brightpearl integrate with?

    Whether you sell on marketplaces, ecommerce stores, physicals shops or over the phone, we have you covered. In additional to the major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, you can chose one of the many integrations we offer in the Brightpearl App Store which has new integrations every month.

  • Can Brightpearl ensure inventory is correct in real time?

    Brightpearl provides real time inventory management on each of our integrated sales channels. Our inventory management is fully integrated meaning that updates are made when sales are processed, purchase orders are received and even when stock corrections are made and returns are logged.

  • Where would I process my sales orders?

    One of the main challenges of a growing business is the ability to meet customer demand and fulfil orders quickly and efficiently. Brightpearl provides a single place to process all of your orders and automatically updates your sales channels and customers as fulfillment happens.

  • Is Brightpearl a publishing tool?

    Brightpearl is optimised for stock management, order processing and channel reporting which our customers tell us are their biggest challenges. Speak to one of our retail consultants who can advise you on the best way to take the leg work out of managing your listings.

  • Does Brightpearl provide daily channel reporting?

    From real time sales analysis reports showing you profit and revenue based on channel, brand, SKU and customer - to advanced daily dashboards, inventory reporting and cohort analysis - Brightpearl gives you the data to accelerate your growth and profits.

  • "We've saved 40 people hours a month with Brightpearl, and would never have been able open multiple retail stores and multiple warehouses without it."

    Angela Tsay, Oaklandish

  • "Brightpearl is the only sensible choice for independent, multichannel retailers wanting to grow their business and compete with larger retail brands"

    Jonathan Partridge, David Shuttle

  • "We can manage our eBay sales, our in-store sales and online sales all from one screen - its a huge help for us. It saves us time, money and improves our customer service."

    Jon Burrage, The Triathlon Shop

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