Brightpearl pricing

Flexible pricing that scales
with your business

Brightpearl is for merchants trading $1M or above, or those that expect to be in the next 12 months. Our pricing is designed to suit the needs of fast-growth and larger merchants so contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll provide a solution that meets your needs.

Brightpearl Order Management Solution

A highly scalable, modular order and inventory management solution for small and mid-sized brands and retailers. Our Brightpearl Order Management Solution package supports multiple sales channels and multiple inventory locations and includes integrated real-time accounting, high-performing connectors to ecommerce sales channels; integrated purchasing and supplier management and end-to-end fulfillment.

Optional extras include workflow automation and integrations to a wide range of 3rd party software and services.


A built-for-retail cloud-based alternative to generic ERP systems, designed to support mid-market brands and retailers receiving hundreds of thousands of orders per month across multiple sales channels, both online and offline.

Brightpearl is implemented and supported by our in-house team of retail operations experts; every implementation is fixed cost and fully scoped before contract and we provide ongoing training and support to ensure you’re getting the most from the solution.

Up To1500 orders per month

Over1500 orders per month

5 sales channels

5 users

Unlimited sales channels

Unlimited users

Fixed cost implementation Yes Yes
Unlimited technical support Yes Yes
16 hours a day phone support Yes Yes
24x7 email support Yes Yes
Full online documentation Yes Yes
Full access to online support forums Yes Yes
Custom training plan no Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager no Yes
Periodic Health-check reports no Yes
Utilization reviews no Yes
Success Planning no Yes
Employee / Role Based Training OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
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Order management    
High volume sales order connectors Yes Yes
Manual order entry Yes Yes
Order import Yes Yes
Customizable filters and views Yes Yes
Order custom fields Yes Yes
Customizable order statuses Yes Yes
Integrated payments for MOTO and 'click to pay' invoices Yes Yes
Automated workflows Yes Yes
Back order management Yes Yes
Advanced fulfillment and drop-shipping Yes Yes
Order notifications Yes Yes
B2B order workflows Yes Yes
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Inventory management    
Omnichannel inventory control Yes Yes
Multi-location inventory Yes Yes
Product custom fields Yes Yes
Multiple barcodes per products Yes Yes
Bundles Yes Yes
Categories, brands and types Yes Yes
Inventory reporting Yes Yes
Multiple price lists Yes Yes
Cycle counts No Yes
Amazon FBA stock visibility and reconciliation no Yes
Bill of Materials No OptionalOptional Extra
Assemblies No OptionalOptional Extra
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Shipping and fullfillment    
Automated fulfillment workflows Yes Yes
Multiple warehouses Yes Yes
Automated drop-shipping Yes Yes
Automated order splitting Yes Yes
Integrated shipping labels Yes Yes
Order routing based on FIFO Yes Yes
Partial fulfillment with automatic back orders Yes Yes
Configurable warehouse workflows Yes Yes
Barcode driven fulfillment No Yes
Multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) program no Yes
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Retail accounting    
Accurate inventory accounting Yes Yes
Complete audit trail Yes Yes
Integrated landed cost Yes Yes
Multi-currency Yes Yes
Real-time view of your finances Yes Yes
Profit & Loss Yes Yes
Trial Balance Yes Yes
Customer & Supplier Financial Activity Yes Yes
Manage expenses Yes Yes
Bank Account Activity Yes Yes
Bank Reconciliation Statement Yes Yes
Aged Debtors/Creditors Yes Yes
Chart of Accounts Yes Yes
Lock accounting periods Yes Yes
EC Sales & VAT Returns Yes Yes
Sales Tax Yes Yes
Accounting for Amazon fees no Yes
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Shopify Yes Yes
Shopify Plus Yes Yes
BigCommerce Yes Yes
eBay Yes Yes
Amazon Yes Yes
Shipping providers Yes Yes
Magento No Yes
API Access No Yes
QuickBooks Online OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
QuickBooks Desktop OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Xero OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
WooCommerce OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
3PLs OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Walmart Marketplace No OptionalOptional Extra
Vend No OptionalOptional Extra
SPS Commerce (EDI) OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
CommerceHub No OptionalOptional Extra
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Warehouse management    
Dedicated user interface for warehouse teams No OptionalOptional Extra
Multiple barcode support No OptionalOptional Extra
Cycle counts No OptionalOptional Extra
Manager count review process No OptionalOptional Extra
Configurable dispatch flows No OptionalOptional Extra
Shipment batching No OptionalOptional Extra
Blind returns No OptionalOptional Extra
Custom filters and views No OptionalOptional Extra
Scanning goods-in No OptionalOptional Extra
Agile picking No OptionalOptional Extra
Prioritize shipments based on contents, shipping method, ease of picking, delivery date No OptionalOptional Extra
SKU driven packing No OptionalOptional Extra
Audio alerts on miscans No OptionalOptional Extra
Prevent over receives No OptionalOptional Extra
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Inventory planning    
Minimum inventory thresholds per warehouse Yes Yes
Demand planning No OptionalOptional Extra
Identify overstocked SKUs No OptionalOptional Extra
Automatic reorders No OptionalOptional Extra
Open to Buy reporting No OptionalOptional Extra
Inventory dashboards No OptionalOptional Extra
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Purchasing and supplier management    
Flexible purchasing workflows Yes Yes
Automated back to back purchasing Yes Yes
Low inventory reporting Yes Yes
Vendor management Yes Yes
Dynamic unit cost tracking Yes Yes
FIFO inventory costing method Yes Yes
Landed costs Yes Yes
Batch invoicing Yes Yes
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Workflow automation    
Configurable rules engine OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Allocate & Fulfil order OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Create Purchase order OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Create Drop-ship PO OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Create Warehouse transfer OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Update shipping methods, order warehouses, delivery dates and more OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Invoice order OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Tag and untag customers OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
Update account code OptionalOptional Extra OptionalOptional Extra
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Accounts Receivable Yes Yes
Invoices Yes Yes
Recently added customers Yes Yes
Customer status Yes Yes
Customer reporting by tags and status Yes Yes
Goods out notes Due to ship/print/pick/pack Yes Yes
Accounts Payable Yes Yes
Recently added suppliers Yes Yes
Tagged suppliers Yes Yes
PO Detail Report (configurable) Yes Yes
POs not invoiced Yes Yes
POs by delivery date Yes Yes
POs by stock status Yes Yes
Sales detail (configurable) Yes Yes
Configurable Sales Analysis Yes Yes
Sales by Channel Yes Yes
Low inventory report Yes Yes
Margin report Yes Yes
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Integrations to leading gateways Yes Yes
Payment over the phone Yes Yes
Payments on account Yes Yes
Send 'click to pay invoices' Yes Yes
Saved card details for future orders Yes Yes
User permissions per workflow Yes Yes
Automatic capture upon shipping Yes Yes
In store payment flows No Yes
Amazon settlement report No Yes
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Bulk import contacts Yes Yes
Full order history Yes Yes
Contact tagging Yes Yes
Helpdesk tickets Yes Yes
Customer credit terms and limits Yes Yes
Data protection Yes Yes
Contact timelines Yes Yes
Manage activities, notes and calls Yes Yes
Contact status reminders Yes Yes
Send emails & SMSs Yes Yes
Email history (including incoming emails with MailStore) Yes Yes
Custom fields Yes Yes
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iOS based Point of Sale No Yes
Staff permissions of cashier and manager No Yes
Catalog browser No Yes
Take sales offline No Yes
Endless aisle No Yes
Integrated payment methods No Yes
Returns and exchanges No Yes
Lookup contacts from other channels No Yes
Deposits and on account payments No Yes
Product imagery No Yes
Start and end of day processes No Yes
Discounts and promotions No Yes
Loyalty and Gift Cards No Yes
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