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Our straightforward pricing is based on order volume and customized to your needs

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Increased orders = reduced unit cost

At Brightpearl, we won’t take advantage of your rapid growth. In fact, we reward you for it.

Our pricing is primarily based on order volume. So when your order volume goes up, the cost per order comes down.

And because we offer dedicated infrastructure to companies with high order volumes, you never need to worry about outgrowing our system.

No nasty surprises

No renewal worries here! All future pricing plans are as simple as your initial quote - and shared before you sign the contract. Our approach to pricing is transparent at the very start, and transparent five, 10 or 20 years down the line. And that's a promise

Only pay for what you need

A world class suite of pre-built integrations are covered in our starter pricing plan. However, no single vendor can provide all the functionality that modern brands need. That’s why we’ve established a trusted partner ecosystem and powerful API - so you can quickly connect cutting-edge tools to Brightpearl, and you never have to compromise on features.

The best bit? As your business grows, you'll only pay for what you need.

Unlimited users

Whether during peak season or after a hiring spree, we believe you should be able to give your whole team access to Brightpearl. After all, it's your central source of truth, and the insight it provides is vital to working towards your goals.

So add as many users as you need - at no extra cost.

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