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Warehouse Management for Omnichannel Retailers

Brightpearl's easy to use, fully integrated Warehouse Management System enables you to scale your operations to the next level.

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Streamlined order processing

Improve your order processing with Brightpearl's Warehouse Management Software, Warewolf. Built upon retail best practices, our WMS enables you to batch pick, pack and despatch orders through configurable and automated workflows. Achieve greater productivity through increased efficiency and improved processes. 

With Brightpearl's Warehouse Management System, you get a complete picture of your retail business, from supplier management to fulfillment and much more.

Reduced admin and errors

Managing your warehouse has never been easier; Warewolf has been designed to be learnt in minutes so your users can get their jobs done with confidence. Barcoding is integral to accurate inventory counts. Simply scan barcodes on items and automatically communicate the inventory changes with Brightpearl's barcode inventory system. Using barcode scanners also removes the danger of mispicks so you can avoid disappointed customers. 

With a seamless integration across orders, inventory, customer data and accounting, you'll never need to re-enter information across multiple systems or spreadsheets again.

warewolf warehouse management software screenshot
warewolf warehouse management software screenshot

Inventory counting redefined

No matter how much inventory you have, or how many locations where it's held, Brightpearl's fully integrated WMS provides an accurate count with a flexible stock taking module. It’s critical that you count your merchandise (aka: perform stock takes) on a regular basis. Increase the frequencies and effectiveness of your stock takes without increased admin, or the headache. 

Combined with Brightpearl's native real time accounting, you always know the value of your inventory so you can make faster, more informed decisions to grow your business.

Warehouse management powered by Brightpearl's back office

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Fully integrated

All events in the warehouse have financial effects across the business; Brightpearl is updated on all interactions and inventory updates so everything is trackable.

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Optimized order flow

Whether it's by sales channel, shipping method, order contents or otherwise, you're able to batch shipments as per your design - reduce friction and overheads.

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Automated shipping

Remove admin and error with easy to set up carrier automation rules. Embed shipping labels onto packing notes, and print on demand. 

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Flexible inventory counts

Rather than purely counting all your inventory at once, you can build counts by zone, location, product value, fast moving inventory, product attributes and more.

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Barcode your inventory

Using barcodes on all inventory and in all workflows means your team will spend less time staring at screens, make fewer mistakes, and get more shipments out.

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Reconcile deliveries

Associate incoming inventory against purchase orders and sales credits in Brightpearl to remove any disconnect, and improve your inventory control.

"Warewolf was a big step forward for us and enabled my team to speed up processing, reduce our cost per dispatch and virtually eliminated mistakes. Contacting Warewolf turned out to be a smart move for Herbert Sports."

Angie Sole - Managing Director

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Brightpearl improves your retail business’s profitability and reduces business costs by freeing up resources from intensive, back office functions. 

Fill out your details to arrange a free, no obligation demo where our retail experts help you decide whether Brightpearl's fully integrated back office retail management system is the right choice for you and your business.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Warehouse Management System

What hardware do I need?

As a browser-based platform, you don’t have to purchase all new equipment. Warewolf runs responsively so it can be used on tablets, laptops, or small screen devices. As long as your barcode scanner can work with an internet browser, it should be fine!

What’s the best way to layout my warehouse?

Optimizing a warehouse layout for efficient operations is often not as easy as it sounds. There are many competing issues that need to be taken into account. Typically:

  • Physical structure: Floor shape and access, height, lighting locations, access doors and loading bays
  • Existing infrastructure like racking systems
  • Inventory to be stored: Dimensions, weight, fragility and quantity
  • Storage outers: By the pallet, box of 10 or individual items to name but a few
  • Inventory turnover: Fast and slow moving items, out of season storage and new season preparation
  • Caged locations for high value items
  • The need to fulfill orders from purchase order deliveries
  • The need to cross dock from purchase order goods in straight to retail unit transfers
  • Space to handle large goods in deliveries
  • Packing area flexibility to match changing volumes
  • Plans for expansion or contraction
  • Then of course, the elephant in the room: Team productivity and organization

One of our Brightpearl experts will help you get the best configuration possible when setting up your warehouse.

What industries do Brightpearl have experience in providing warehouse management for?

We have experience in a number of different market sectors but Brightpearl is focused on the retail industry. We work with lots of different retailers and wholesalers including Apparel, Home, Gift & Garden, Toys and Electricals to name only a few. Our customers are companies who have a need to control their warehouse process, inventory, and a need to automate their processes and workflows for improved operations.

How big does my warehouse need to be?

If you hold inventory, have your own warehouse and are managing more than 100 orders per week, then Brightpearl’s Warehouse Management System could be a good fit for you. Whether you work out of multiple locations or just one, Brightpearl offers a flexible and fully scalable warehouse management from goods receipt, to having visibility of your end to end order process.

How can Brightpearl’s Warehouse Management System save me money?

Brightpearl allows you to increase throughput, improve your picking, packing and shipping rate, improve data capture, manage inventory movement and control, and reduce wastage. All this leads to a cost saving over time.

What makes Brightpearl different from other WMS?

By taking the initiative to retool how you invest in and operate the supply chain, you can stay ahead of the growing competition. Flexible processes and workflows are essential for creating and managing an omnichannel supply chain. Since consumers are demanding an omnichannel approach, combining all sales channels warrants integrated systems like integrating Brightpearl with your WMS. Your systems should share information to create a seamless experience for the customer, have the capacity to address high order volumes for scalability, and easily navigate any possible issues that arise during the order fulfillment process.

How much does it cost?

You cannot buy our WMS standalone. Brightpearl is designed to be the central hub and specifically meet the requirements and needs in your warehouse, as well as how it is integrated across your entire business. Contact us today to find out more about pricing.