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As part of Brightpearl's complete solution, we provide you with a Customer Success team to help ensure you're on the path to success.

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Working with your own personal Customer Success team

You’re investing in everything that happens post-launch, so it’s important you understand the resources available to you. Alongside the unlimited phone and email support that you’ll have access to as a Brightpearl customer, you’ll also be assigned an Account Manager who will manage your contract, billing cycles and upgrades, and a Technical Account Manager who will monitor the health of your account, help you make use of all the components and ensure overall satisfaction with the service. Together, they make up your own personal Customer Success team who are there to ensure you’re on the path to success with Brightpearl.

"Brightpearl's Customer Success team ensure just that! By providing us with insights into our operations and tweaks to make better use of our systems, we can focus more on growing our business."

Raphael Philippou, Co-Founder, Vape HQ

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"If we have an issue with anything on Brightpearl, the response from their Customer Success team is pretty much immediate – this is vital for us to keep our business uninterrupted. We particularly like the fact that the team know us and have been with the company for some time."

Carol Jones, Director, Totally UK

What makes us different

We pride ourselves in the expertise and value that all of our employees can provide you with. But what makes us different is how we approach this with you. Traditionally, ERP vendors will provide you with an Implementation team or Consultant to help onboard you onto the system, which you usually have to pay extra for. However, post-launch, you may only have access to a technical support team, while anything extra will cost you. Instead, we provide you with a trusted Customer Success team as part of your contract so that you have people behind you who are personally dedicated to your account, how you use it and the value you can get from it over time.

Proactively working with you every step of the way

1. Health Checks

Ensuring you’re using the software as it’s intended to be used

As an advocate for your business, we understand how to make it right when things go wrong. As an example, if orders aren’t being completed properly, aren’t being shipped on time, or are forgotten completely, then this affects your cost of sale accounting, margin reports, the profit you report as a company and the amount of tax you pay. The Customer Success team will regularly assess your account to make sure all of this is correct before reporting the findings back to you in a succinct presentation that you’ll be able to easily digest and understand, while giving you plenty of time to ask questions. Did we mention we also do this for free? Brightpearl disrupts the tradition of so many ERP companies who charge for every phone call, email and performance check. You've purchased our product to grow your business, not drown it, which is why we do all of this for free.

2. Utilization Reviews

Ensuring you’re getting full value out of your investment

As we’re a cloud business, we’re constantly making changes to our platform based on feedback from customers like you who want to be more efficient. Periodically, we’ll look at which parts of Brightpearl you’re using, which parts you’re not and what new features are due for release, so we can offer personalized recommendations on how you can get more value from the Brightpearl platform. We’ll meet with you all the time, but we’ll meet with you formally every 6 months. This is when we’ll present you with the findings of your health check and utilization review, as well as all of our personal recommendations. Everything will have an action item logged against it, which we’ll put into a Success Plan.

3. Success Plans

Ensuring you’re on the path to success with Brightpearl

You can think of a Success Plan like your own unique post-launch project plan. Based on the findings of your health check and utilization review, we may recommend that you and your staff require some additional training or that you should adopt a specific product feature or combination of features. We’ll capture each of the actions associated with these recommendations and work with you to achieve them in the next 6 months… and then we’ll do it all over again.

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"The Customer Success team at Brightpearl are always very available to us and endlessly supportive in helping to get the most out of the software. From building our success plan with us, to regular health check and utilization reviews, we’ve found them to be great partners of Pooky. This partnership ensures we get a great return for our investment."

Tim Doyne, Director, Pooky

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