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Do you really want to take a risky and costly gamble on your major technology implementation project?

Don’t be haunted by the spectre of major project adoption failure.

Brightpearl’s high grade implementation service gets you online 3x faster than ERPs with a near guaranteed 97% success rate.

Experts agree that quality implementation is essential and that compromising on this critical stage of your project leads to clunky and broken workflows, inaccurate data, and poor decision making, if not a complete failure.

Is that really something you want to risk?



ERP implementations fail 50-75% of the time

195 days

ERP implementations delayed by 195 days on average



OMS projects fail 49% of the time

200 days

OMS implementations delayed by 200 days on average

Faster, Better, Different

At Brightpearl, our unique retail-focused approach ensures a swift, risk-free implementation led by our in-house experts. Experience going live 3x faster than ERPs with a remarkable 97% success rate.

Pre-contract plan of action

Pre-contract plan of action

Unlike other vendors, we scope out your project at our expense before you sign any paperwork. You’ll receive a Technical Solution Proposal (TSP) detailing exactly how the system will be implemented to meet your unique workflows and requirements. It’s an extra step — and an essential one.

Fixed cost

Fixed cost

We'll provide a fixed cost quote before you sign your contract, so you'll know exactly what to expect, avoiding any nasty surprises that often happen with poorly planned implementations.

ERP implementations cost 34% more than expected on average

Migrating your data

Migrating your data

We know how important accurate data is for driving growth. We’ll migrate, review and structure all your data, from customers and products to vendors and accounting, according to best practices.

Complete configuration

Complete configuration

We'll make sure Brightpearl is properly configured and seamlessly connected to all your channels and systems, including your webstore, marketplace, physical store, B2B portal, 3PL, payment provider and accounting tools.

Training for success

Training for success

To ensure you and your team get the most out of Brightpearl, our experienced implementation consultants will provide complete training as part of your onboarding – and after, too!

1 in 5 businesses say a lack of support was the main cause of ERP project failure


Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

As a last but essential step, we’ll ensure all your workflows, including purchasing, customers, warehouses and accounting, run like clockwork before you go live.

Ongoing optimization

Ongoing optimization

Our implementation process doesn’t stop once your system is live. Our consultants continue to finetune the workflows and solutions based on your post-live feedback. The more optimized your workflows are, the more freedom you have to grow your business.

97% implementation success rate vs 50% for ERP

Thinking about implementing an ERP or OMS? Think again

Our customers

Hear what our customers say

"I know from experience that implementing classic ERPs can take 18 months, cost £200,000 and still ultimately fail."

Trevor Martin, Vice President Operations, Snow

"Brightpearl managed the implementation for me in just three months and provided 1-2-1 training from a friendly expert, who walked me through everything I needed to know. It really helped me get the best out of Brightpearl from the word go. By the time we went live, I felt like a Brightpearl master!"

Matt Wisniewski, COO, USA Lab

"We were thrilled at the speed of the implementation. Where Microsoft Nav took six months to upgrade, Brightpearl was set up in a matter of weeks."

Nick Ernst, Co-Founder, Snap Supply

"Transitioning our business and warehousing to Brightpearl was so simple. We had really good support centrally from Brightpearl's implementation team. It was very, very smooth."

Simon Hutchinson, Operations Manager, Natural Baby Shower

"Implementation was smooth and speedy – it took four months and was arranged to coincide with our move to a new warehouse."

Jason McCarthy, MD, Wolverson Fitness

"Attempting to go live with new technology partners right before your peak season might put off some businesses, but we had a great deal of faith in Brightpearl's record for lightning quick go lives – which really paid off. I've never been part of an implementation that has gone so smoothly, all credit to the Brightpearl team who worked with our staff to ensure an absolutely seamless transition."

Ahmed Haider, CEO and co-founder, Zookal

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Cutting-edge software

Leading tech backed up with a 97% implementation success rate


Part of Sage Group Plc

We're built on a solid foundation, which helps us invest in product R&D

Shopify Certified partner

Certified Shopify partner

We’re proud to be founding member of Shopify’s global ERP Program


Proven track record

We power millions of orders a month for some of the world’s biggest brands


Excellent reviews

We’ve earned great reviews from customers, including 4.5 stars on Trustpilot


Expert support

Our experts are always on hand for training and support

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