Streamline your multichannel sales with Brightpearl’s Amazon integration

Manage your business with a complete retail operations platform built to help you sell more on Amazon without sacrificing any back office efficiencies.

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Selling on Amazon brings tremendous opportunities to scale your sales volume, but it can also introduce complexities to your operations. Whether selling as an Amazon Seller or Vendor, or fulfilling using FBA or FBM, keeping inventory in sync across sales channels is challenging. With Brightpearl, streamline those complexities with a powerful platform that manages all your inventory, orders and more so you can unlock your Amazon sales potential.


Sell more with Amazon FBA

Gain more visibility and control of your FBA inventory without sacrificing your back office efficiencies. With features like inventory reconciliation, settlement report mapping, and multichannel fulfillment, understand Amazon’s true profitability.


Improve your Perfect Order Percentage

With Brightpearl managing your back office workflows, inventory levels and shipping updates, improve your perfect order percentage metric, resulting in more revenue and happier customers.

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Boost your Amazon Seller Rating

It’s critical to maintain order, fulfillment and inventory accuracy to get the best possible rating. With Brightpearl keeping your inventory levels updated in real time across all channels, get the right product to the right customer every time.


Win the 'Buy Box'

By integrating back office workflows, your processes speed up and productivity increases. With your metrics demonstrating this level of reliability and efficiency, Amazon is more likely to grant you the ‘Buy Box’.

How Brightpearl integrates to Amazon

Orders, inventory, shipments, payments and prices are synced automatically between Brightpearl and your Amazon stores.




FBA orders








Payments and fees


Amazon Prime orders


Amazon Business orders

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"With the help of Brightpearl, we’ve grown over 34% and do 90% of our sales through Amazon. Now that we’re operationally stable, our focus is to grow the business even further."

Justin Essler, GM – Giantnerd

Streamline all your online sales channels in one single system

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