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A Unique Approach to Retail Operations Adapted to Today’s Omnichannel World

Today’s ever-changing retail landscape requires an agile solution to adjust to the growing demands of consumers and increasing competition in the market. For so long, merchants were forced to choose between either a traditional ERP solution or simple standalone software, like an OMS, to solve these types of challenges. Today, though, neither of these options are flexible enough to propel you forward.

Now, with a retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform like Brightpearl, you’re able to streamline all the post-purchase operations in one system, while enabling quick and agile operational adjustments.

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Unlike Order Management Solutions, Brightpearl:

  • Consolidates all operational data in one place

  • Is built to scale with advanced functionality

  • Delivers actionable insights

  • Enables omnichannel growth

  • Provides software with service

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Unlike ERP, Brightpearl:

  • Is Built solely for retail and wholesale

  • Adapts to your existing workflows

  • Doesn’t require endless and pricey customizations

  • Implements your project in-house

  • Scope your project before you sign

  • Grows with you

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Automate the Ordinary, Act on the Exceptional

All retailers must handle a range of critical post-purchase operations. From handling order spikes in peak seasons, to fulfilling products from multiple channels, allocating inventory to different locations, or offering next-day delivery to managing suppliers or customers, these operations demand close attention. That can make them the main bottleneck to your growth if done manually.

Brightpearl automates the essential but repeatable operations throughout the entire order-to-cash process, allowing you to only focus on what matters the most to your business.

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Service is an Integral Part of Brightpearl

Software performance and user efficiency in the long run rely as much on accompanying support and service, as the software itself. At Brightpearl, our retail and technology experts accompany you throughout the entire partnership.

Our services

In-house implementation

We scope before you sign.

All Brightpearl implementations are fixed cost, driven by a Technical Solutions Proposal (TSP), which is written and signed off by the implementation team, before a fixed cost quote is provided for your implementation. During the implementation, you’ll be assigned to an experienced team to guide you through the entire process and guarantee a flawless implementation.

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Expert training

In-depth training, tailored to your business.

You’ll have multiple training sessions on the core aspects of Brightpearl, followed by an assessment before the system goes live. This ensures your staff can utilize the system efficiently from day one. Beyond this initial training, we also provide flexible options for your learning style and schedule - in person, live webcasts, and 24/7 on-demand.

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Unlimited 24/7 support

There for you when you need us most.

We provide you with unlimited support from our in-house US- and UK-based Brightpearl experts, whether by phone or via email. You’ll also benefit from a wealth of online support documentation, as well as a helpful online community forum.

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Ongoing business consulting

Dedicated Customer Success team for continuous growth.

Your Customer Success team will regularly assess your account for workflow optimizations, and review your usage of the system for personalized recommendations on how you can get more value from the Brightpearl platform.

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At the heart of your commerce ecosystem

No single system covers every aspect of your business, so integrations (sometimes called connectors) are essential to your success. Our integration architecture and methodology is simple for merchants, because we’ve invested in developing, testing, and iterating it.

While every software vendor proudly lists dozens of logos to show-off their integrations, not all connectors are equal. It’s one thing to build a simple exchange of data, but quite another to manage the complex workflows and processes of a retail business.

See How Merchants in Different Industries Use Brightpearl

"Consumers’ expectations don’t change – whether there’s a pandemic going on or not. You still have to deliver on the promise you’ve made when they click ‘buy’. The main benefit of a system like Brightpearl is that sales can rapidly go from 100 to 10,000, and the platform doesn’t blink, no matter how many orders you have."

Paul Swain,

"Where we do have a leg up on other brands, though, is our ability to report real-time on what’s being sold, when, and where, which helps us to avoid accidentally selling an item to customers which might already be sold out. Our solution provider, Brightpearl, has been really helpful on that end. When you’re processing thousands of orders each day and in this near constant state of expansion, you need to be able to quickly analyze data and make fast and informed decisions on product, suppliers, and inventory management."

Alida Sholl, Rep Fitness

"The implementation team helped us to quickly get a grasp of how to best use the system. Having the training team involved really helped us to learn and establish everything on our end. We really appreciated all of the training sessions. From all the departments you have, everyone is good, but our absolute favorite would be the training team."

Allen Zhao, Amazing Wireless LLC

"Brands must remember they are competing with Amazon. Customers want ease of purchase, but they also want their products as quickly as possible. They can count on that with Amazon, so as a retailer, you must be able to offer similar convenience, personalization, and speedy fulfillment. Brightpearl enables us to deliver in all three areas."

Lalan Shrikam, Malabar Bay

"Brightpearl has definitely saved us time, we need less staff to do the same jobs as before. It also clarifies what we should purchase by giving us better visibility on the products that are selling and those that are not. I like using Brightpearl to help retailers. If they need something on their shelf, we need to have it in stock, and Brightpearl helps us do that."

Ben Johnson, Casey’s Distributing

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