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Who we are

We're not a traditional ERP, a standalone OMS, WMS or inventory system. We’re a Retail Operating System.

We use a different label because we do things differently. Unlike other 'solutions', Brightpearl is built and developed to help modern merchants like you do one thing, above all else: Grow fearlessly.

We’re better than an ERP because…

  • We give you true flexibility

    It's nearly impossible to adapt ERPs to the unique needs of your growing business, without costly and lengthy customizations. With Brightpearl, you'll connect to your sales channels, 3PL, accounting tools and more in minutes with our Plug & Play integrations. Quickly and easily add new sales channels and cutting-edge tools whenever you need them.

  • We know one size fits none

    The one-size-fits-all approach of ERPs inevitably leads to clunky workflows, inflexible infrastructure and extra costs for inferior functionality. Meanwhile, Brightpearl is created especially for retail and wholesale brands. It’s packed with slick, dedicated features that flex to fit your business.

  • We ensure successful implementation

    50% - 75% of ERPs implementation projects fail - usually due to poor planning, project management and lack of retail expertise. At Brightpearl, our implementation success rate is 97% thanks to our expert-led, carefully-planned approach.

  • We're transparent with pricing

    You deserve to know exactly what your solution will cost from the very start. Unfortunately, you won’t get that with ERPs. Merchants that sign with ERPs often end up paying up to four times the initial price, including extra charges for maintenance, support, training and customizations. At Brightpearl, our pricing is simple - it’s based on your rate of growth and you’ll get a complete breakdown before you sign.

We’re better than an OMS, WMS or inventory system because…

  • We prioritize quality over quantity

    Standalone systems typically come with cheap 'all-in-one' features that compromise quality - and lead to an unscalable system that prevents growth. At Brightpearl, instead of long lists of low-rent features, we constantly invest in the best tech to help you grow, including market-leading demand forecasting (boosted further by our recent acquisition of Inventory Planner), in-depth reporting and a powerful Automation Engine.

  • We won’t slow you down

    Lower-end systems get clunky when order volumes increase because their connections to e-commerce platforms and other systems can’t exchange data fast enough. All our integrations are designed to easily handle spikes in demand. We processed more than 250,000 orders in a single day last Cyber Monday without a single glitch.

  • We offer superior automation

    OMSs and standalone systems can’t handle complex orders, including those from multiple locations, and any which involve FBA, dropshipping or partial fulfillment. With Brightpearl, processing complex orders isn’t just possible - it’s made effortless, thanks to our powerful Automation Engine.

  • We provide tailored implementation and configuration

    Single-solution vendors only offer self-guided implementation, which only works for simple business models. At Brightpearl, implementation starts before you sign the contract. We design how Brightpearl will slot seamlessly into your tech stack, including sales channels, and all other systems, followed by expert-led implementation planning, project management and configuration.

  • We provide actionable insights for growth

    With standalone solutions, you’ll have limited reporting and inventory planning functionality and likely end up using spreadsheets to fill the gaps. With Brightpearl, you’ll get data-driven replenishment recommendations with Brightpearl's Inventory Planner, as well as a 360-degree overview of your performance with our advanced reporting and analytics.

  • We assist you with dedicated customer support

    Standalone systems only provide basic support (in other words, you’ll wait ages for a reply). This can lead to inefficient workflows and unhappy customers. Brightpearl, on the other hand, offers fast 24/7 support plus ongoing business consulting. All at no extra cost.

What we do best

Here are some highlights of what we offer as a Retail Operating System

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Save heaps of time and eliminate errors

Thanks to our Automation Engine, Brightpearl customers…

Save two months a year, on average - freeing themselves up to focus on growth

Reduce human errors by 65%

Lower labor costs by 50%

Adaptable architecture

A hyper-scalable system for a hyper-scalable era

As a modern retail business, you need the functionality to keep up with ever-evolving consumer expectations. We offer a wide range of purpose-built Plug & Play integrations, a thriving partner ecosystem that builds and installs any non-standard integrations in 6 weeks on average and deep, open API to connect to any tools you need.


Game-changing insights and analytics (in real time)

When it comes to driving growth, information is key - and with Brightpearl you’ll get it in spades. Brightpearl's Inventory Planner offers insights on your inventory to help you optimize your cash flow. And Brightpearl Analytics goes even deeper, providing superior e-commerce analytics and business intelligence on your sales channels, products, customers, suppliers and even your marketing campaigns.

Customer service

Next-level customer service

We provide expert-led, fast implementation which has a 97% success rate, followed by intuitive onboarding training. Plus, once your business is live on Brightpearl, we offer 24/7 support and regular consulting to speed up your growth.

Our customers

Hear what our customers say

Our awesome customers have benefited from Brightpearl’s hyper-scalability to connect to some game-changing tools. Check out some examples below – and get inspired about what you could achieve.

" We needed more than an ERP – we needed a 'brain' that could bring everything together. Brightpearl was it. It's purpose-built for retail businesses and enables smart decision making."

Alvaro Gomis, Jimmy Lion

"The platform's single source of truth has empowered our decision making and ability to expand. We have the freedom to grow in whichever direction we choose, while enriching the customer experience."

Ricky Shah, Strength Shop Europe

"Brightpearl was set up in a matter of weeks. We now save an incredible 60 hours per week – 240 hours each month – on order entry alone thanks to its automation component."

Nick Ernst, Snap Supply

"BThe level of service we've received from Brightpearl has been phenomenal. As a brand, Brightpearl has a can-do attitude and you get to deal with a real person who knows their stuff."

Mark Tweed, CyberJammies

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Cutting-edge software

Leading tech backed up with a 97% implementation success rate


Part of Sage Group Plc

We're built on a solid foundation, which helps us invest in product R&D

Shopify Certified partner

Certified Shopify partner

We’re proud to be founding member of Shopify’s global ERP Program


Proven track record

We power millions of orders a month for some of the world’s biggest brands


Excellent reviews

We’ve earned great reviews from customers, including 4.5 stars on Trustpilot


Expert support

Our experts are always on hand for training and support

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