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Act on the exceptional

Whether it’s a product selling-out fast, a discount that’s working or a promotion that’s not; a one-star review or an A-lister wearing your product, the critical events in your business can be lost in the noise of a chaotic back office. Using Brightpearl to automate essential but repeatable operations means you can identify and act on what matters.

Brightpearl is a Retail Operations Platform
built for today’s omnichannel world

Unlike Order Management Solutions:

We’re built to scale.

While they may help as you get started, standalone OMS or Inventory Management solutions just don’t keep up as order volumes, product catalogues, customers, suppliers and more grow.

We deliver quality.

You rely on your sales and POs, inventory data and warehouse performance. And connections to sales channels, carriers and 3PLs are the lifeblood of your business, so you need the software backbone to your business to be rock solid.

We know how disruptive a new system is.

Our consultants are retail operations experts that have helped thousands of merchants succeed, and our implementation methodology reflects this - you won’t just get a login and an, “email us with questions” note from the support team.

We stay with you.

Our service is every bit as important as our software, and your dedicated account manager isn’t paid to sell you more, but is solely focused on helping you succeed, through continuous training for your team and new starters, as well as regular, data-driven business reviews.

Unlike ERP

We are for merchants.

100% of our focus is on retail and wholesale businesses - every line of code, every implementation, every consultant - whereas ERP solutions are usually generic toolkits that need customising for a wide range of business types.

Full implementation in 60 to 90 days.

Contrast over 180 days for even a ‘simple’ ERP set-up, and a software category infamous for overruns and never-ending implementations.

A dedicated Account Manager.

Focused on your success, not on selling you more software.

Configuration not customization.

As it’s designed specifically for retail and wholesale workflows you don’t need a dedicated IT Admin to use Brightpearl. Even complex automation rules are quickly and easily configured and managed through a simple interface, no code required.

Fully scoped, before you sign.

Unlike most ERP vendors, with Brightpearl you have a complete and detailed document of your entire project, with all costs, before you sign. For growing merchants, an ERP project that drags on, with an ever-increasing bill, is a big risk and explains why 60% of ERP implementations fail.

At the heart of the
commerce ecosystem

No single system covers every aspect of your business so integrations (sometimes called connectors) are essential if you’re to automate and focus on the exceptions. Our integration architecture and methodology is simple for the merchant because we’ve put the hard hours into developing, testing and iterating it. And while every software vendor proudly lists dozens of logos to show-off their integrations, not all connectors are equal - it’s one thing to build a simple exchange of data, but quite another to manage the complex workflows and exceptions of a retail business.

Integration logos small Integration logos medium

See how brands, retailers and
wholesalers use Brightpearl

Malabar Bay

Key Facts

  • Wholesale and direct-to-consumer business
  • Shopify and Magento webstores
  • 80% of orders are shipped the same day
  • 100% satisfied customers
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U.S. multichannel fashion brand

Malabar Bay delights retail and wholesale customers, thanks to Brightpearl powering its operations

Quotation icon

“Brands must remember they are competing with Amazon. Customers want ease of purchase - but they also want their products as quickly as possible. They can count on that with Amazon, so as a retailer, you must be able to offer similar convenience, personalization and speedy fulfillment. Brightpearl enables us to deliver in all three areas.”

Lalan Shrikam, Founder, Malabar Bay

Mad 4 Tools

Key Facts

  • Magento webstore, Amazon and eBay marketplaces
  • 30,000+ products stocked
  • 90% reduction in picking errors
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating
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UK online retailer selling globally

Mad4Tools introduces Brightpearl to deliver superior experiences for customers

Quotation icon

“Brightpearl has helped us to expand and deliver a more competitive offering while still keeping customers happy. We’ve drastically increased our order volumes and product range since implementation and we’re committing more from a fulfillment perspective - all the while still maintaining our excellent standards of customer service. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without Brightpearl.”

Paul Swain, Director,

Caseys Distributing

Key Facts

  • Distributes to 2,000+ retailers
  • 40,000+ SKUs
  • BigCommerce webstore, phone orders and electronic distribution (EDI)
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U.S. wholesaler and distributor

Casey’s Distributing efficiently distributes to over 2000 U.S. retailers with Brightpearl and BigCommerce

Quotation icon

“Brightpearl has definitely saved us time, we need less staff to do the same jobs as before. It also clarifies what we should purchase by giving us better visibility on the products that are selling and those that are not. I like using Brightpearl to help retailers. If they need something on their shelf, we need to have it in stock and Brightpearl helps us do that.”

Ben Johnson, Vice President of Operations, Casey’s Distributing

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