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Flexible training from our retail operations experts

Not only are our in-house Implementation Consultants responsible for the success of your on boarding, but they’re also the ones who will provide in-depth training, tailored to your business. You’ll have multiple training sessions on the core aspects of Brightpearl, including inventory and sales order management, purchasing, warehouse management and accounting, as well as relevant apps and integrations. We also provide flexible options for your learning style and schedule - in person, live webcasts, and 24x7 on-demand.

"The implementation team helped us to quickly get a grasp of how to best use the system. Having the training team involved really helped us to learn and establish everything on our end. We really appreciated all of the training sessions. From all the departments you have, everyone is good, but our absolute favorite would be the training team!"

Allen Zhao, Operations Manager, Amazing Wireless LLC

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"Moving to Brightpearl was great. It was pretty easy overall. The training was really top notch. It saved us time, money and allowed us to hit the ground running. That was a big problem with our last system. The customer service was great too. Our questions were responded to quickly and correctly. We went live in two months."

Ben Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Icelantic

What we’ll train you on

1. Sales Order Management

Whether you manage leads, prospects, quotes, pro formas or order confirmations, we’ll devise a workflow for your business to take full control of your unique sales pipeline, improving visibility to your customer services team so no opportunity goes ignored. We’ll also demonstrate how you can make the most out of contact and order statuses and how to build insightful reports so you can stay on top of your sales orders.

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2. Purchasing

We’ll work with your buying and merchandising teams to build an effective workflow for managing purchases, keeping track of incoming inventory and all committed costs. Your Implementation Consultant will ensure best practices are followed for planning inventory levels and monitoring product performance, while providing you with advice on how you can successfully optimize your entire supply chain process.

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3. Products & Inventory

Efficient inventory control hinges on two things; taking full advantage of your software’s capabilities and optimizing your management practices. We’ll advise you on managing cross-channel inventory synchronization, structuring your product database for success, driving down costs by preventing overstocking, avoiding lost sales from out-of-stock products and working with consignment inventory.

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4. Warehouse Management

Avoid the pitfalls of a mismanaged warehouse or set of warehouses as we inform you on the best practices for organizing and managing your warehouses to improve both efficiency and accuracy. Whether this involves implementing bin locations for speedy batch-picking or eliminating the threat of human error by utilizing barcode scanning, we can help you achieve the most efficient pick, pack and ship process for your business.

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5. Accounting

Our consultants are highly experienced in the world of accounting, and especially when it comes to the specific accounting requirements your retail or wholesale business will have. They’ll show your finance team how to get the most out of our integrated, real-time accounting module, whilst providing expert tips for tracking your cost of goods sold, including accurate recording of your landed-costs.

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6. Apps & Integrations

With our complete range of apps and integrations, you can customize your Brightpearl account to meet your individual business needs. Your consultant will advise you on the best setup whether you wish to use our powerful workflow automation tool, our robust ecommerce and point of sale integrations, supported third party services like Shiptheory and ShipStation or otherwise.

How we’ll conduct your training

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As a more economical and flexible way to approach your training, our Implementation Consultants can conduct webcast sessions that will also be recorded and shared with you for future use - for instance in the event of you hiring additional employees or for anyone who couldn’t join the live session at the time.

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With onsite training, you’ll get free reign over where the training is conducted and have physical interaction with your Consultant, which is proven to be the best way to learn, communicate and attain memories. So whether you require training at your head office, warehouse or even a hotel, you’ll choose the time and place that is most convenient to you and your staff.

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Brightpearl Learning Platform

Arm your team with the tools and resources they need to optimize Brightpearl with our expert-led online training platform. Brightpearl Learning provides your employees with recorded training modules that teach staff how to use Brightpearl and its entire technology ecosystem. Even better, it's available on-demand 24x7.

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