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When buyers experience things like out of stocks, mispicks and delivery delays, you quickly lose credibility. Those inefficiencies result in implications for your business like disappointed customers, damaging reviews and a negative impact on sales.

The Walmart integration ensures an accurate inventory and order management, so your reputation is protected.


Prevent overselling

Inventory accuracy is imperative to your business, especially if you’re selling on multiple channels. With Brightpearl, gain insight into what products are being sold where and ensure you get every order right, every time.


Keep product information and pricing consistent

Never worry about pricing discrepancies between Brightpearl and Walmart. As products and prices are added or updated in Brightpearl, see those additions and changes reflected in Walmart


Eliminate human errors

Managing orders manually is time-consuming and risky. With Brightpearl’s automated data entry and syncing with Walmart, never worry about missing an order. Save time while gaining efficiency in your order processing and management.


Make data-driven decisions

Backed by Brightpearl’s business intelligence and reporting, get accurate visibility into your business’s insights and analytics. Gain insight into performance across your sales channels to help you make the right decisions faster.

How Brightpearl integrates to Walmart








Order status

"We told Brightpearl we needed to go live in six weeks and we did! Having the fantastic training and implementation support that we did from Brightpearl meant that we were able to manage the holiday spike without breaking a sweat. If you can go live one week before Black Friday, you could do it at any time!"

Alida Sholl, Director of Technical Operations – Rep Fitness

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