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Peak Season

Preparing for peak season early can be easier said than done. That's why, starting in May 2023, we're launching our Peak Season Series—a dedicated resource to meet all your Q4 needs.

Our series features enriching discussions led by industry experts and renowned brands, thoughtfully moderated by Chloë Thomas from E-Commerce Masterplan.

Explore a treasure trove of knowledge spanning various topics, such as strategies to avoid overstock and stockouts, the art of intelligent discounting, nurturing customer loyalty, effective customer acquisition, global expansion insights, localized marketing approaches, operational efficiency, streamlined fulfillment, financial management wisdom, funding insights, and the art of optimizing returns.

Discover ways to amplify your sales while dialing down the stress levels for Q4 2023.

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Webinar : October 12th 2023 / 3:30 PM — 5:30 PM BST

E-Commerce Finance & Funding Boost: Navigating Q4 and Beyond

Get your finance and funding strategy right in this crucial quarter—it’s the foundation for a prosperous year. Join our condensed virtual conference for deep financial insights this peak season and beyond.

  • Discover key tax trends with Avalara, exploring inflation impact, taxability changes, and marketplace evolution in 2023. Leverage technology to mitigate inflation effects and ensure platform consistency.
  • Master strategic capital allocation with Wayflyer. Allocate Q4 earnings for a successful Q1.
  • We’re also teaming up with the Re:tales Podcast for an expert panel featuring Emily Bendell, Bluebella’s founder, and Nick Torday, Bower Collective’s CEO. Learn from their e-commerce fundraising success stories.

This mini-conference-style event comprises three sessions running over a span of two hours. We highly recommend registering to watch it live, allowing you to interact with fellow merchants and industry enthusiasts. However, if you can’t make it, rest assured you will also receive access to the on-demand link, allowing you to watch any of the sessions, at any time.

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