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Welcome to the home of Re:tales – the retail podcast that shares captivating growth stories from movers and shakers across the e-commerce space. Hosted by Caroline Baldwin, this brand new podcast reveals the successes (and struggles) of e-commerce experts and disruptive founders, in their own words. Join us as we explore their winning strategies, market insights and unique take on future-shaping trends.

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Bluebella's Disruption of the Lingerie Market’s Dated Playbook


Imagine getting A-list celebs like Halle Berry, Nicki Minaj or Maggie Gyllenhaal to wear (and be pictured in) your products?

For fashion lingerie brand Bluebella, it’s a dream that’s already come true – and on this week’s Re:tales podcast, founder Emily Bendell shares how they made it happen.

In a truly inspiring chat, we also cover:

  • How Bluebella is a brand proudly built on feminist values
  • The ethical implications of AI
  • Proactive ways to get funding and investment as a female founder

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Our special guests, Emily Bendell, the founder of Bluebella, and Nick Torday, CEO of Bower Collective, will share their unique perspectives on e-commerce fundraising, including their crowdfunding success stories.

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