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Turbocharge your DTC strategy

One of the benefits of being a DTC brand is being able to cut out wholesalers as middlemen. But it comes with a downside. Direct-to-consumer merchants have to single-handedly manage the hassle of sales channel expansion and distribution operations.

Unless they use Brightpearl, that is. Our Retail Operating Platform automates, streamlines and simplifies operations for DTC brands. It means you can enjoy all of the perks, with none of the penalties.


Simplify complex operations

Whether you’re selling on multiple channels, or managing various warehouses, Brightpearl saves you time and makes things simpler with automation. Set up custom rules to automate almost anything, including order processing, fulfillment, inventory allocation and invoicing.


Make informed decisions

Without the help of wholesalers and resellers, you need to figure out the right product and channel mix to maximize profit. Brightpearl helps you make informed decisions with 360-degree reporting on your sales channels, products, customers, suppliers and even your marketing campaigns. You’ll know exactly where, what and how to sell.


Keep up with consumer demand

Consumers are constantly changing and now want bespoke, immersive shopping experiences on cutting-edge shopping channels, including TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and livestreaming platforms. As a scalable OS, Brightpearl will give you the flexibility to curate a changing roster of emerging channels, tools and apps.

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Our customers

Hear what our customers say

Our awesome customers have benefited from Brightpearl’s hyper-scalability to connect to some game-changing tools. Check out some examples below – and get inspired about what you could achieve.

"We needed more than an ERP – we needed a ‘brain’ that could bring everything together. Brightpearl was it. It’s purpose-built for retail businesses and enables smart decision making."

Alvaro Gomis, Jimmy Lion

"Brightpearl has given us back so much time every day – our team gets our orders out five times faster than before, and we’re freed up to focus on growing the business."

Olly White, Goose & Gander

"Brightpearl has enabled us to redefine our supply chain and mature our thinking as a business. Brightpearl allowed us to unlock capabilities that were not possible before."

Aaron Alpeter, The Flex Company

"Brightpearl is a marvel. We now have visibility across all of our warehouses on a transaction level basis, and easy integrations have given us a significant competitive advantage."

Dan Nephew, Lovepop

"It ticked every box and became an instant central source of truth for us, boosting productivity by 300%. The native, immediate integration with Shopify has eradicated human errors and overselling."

Jason McCarthy, Wolverson Fitness

Key Features for DTC brands


Real time order management

Brightpearl offers real-time order and inventory updates across all channels – so over and under-selling becomes a thing of the past. Other vital info, such as shipping updates, tracking references and order status updates, are also synced across-channel, ensuring your customers are kept informed every step of the way.


Fast, automated fulfillment

With Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, you can quickly set up your own rules to automatically fulfill and invoice orders. Even complex workflows, such as those involving dropshipping, back orders or partial fulfillment, can be simplified and streamlined – and all in just a few clicks (no coding necessary!).

Plug and play

Plug & Play integrations

Add a new online sales channel such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, 3PL, shipping providers and accounting tools in minutes with our high-performance Plug & Play apps. Need something niche? Our certified partners can build any custom integration in just a few weeks.


Market-leading Inventory Planner

Brightpearl’s  Inventory Planner helps you make smarter replenishment decisions based on data-driven demand forecasting. Take the guesswork out and reorder the right products at the right time to keep your cash flow healthy.

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360-degree performance reporting

Brightpearl’s advanced analytics keep you informed about your best sales channels, top sellers, VIP customers, best suppliers and top performing marketing campaigns. Custom reports can include the metrics that matter the most to your business, such as revenue, margin and customer LTV.

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Integrated point of sale

Brightpearl’s integrated POS gives you a complete picture of your business. Your inventory is automatically updated, and accounting journals created in real time, resulting in a full order history for each customer and saving your staff countless hours of processing time.


Built-for-retail accounting

Brightpearl’s integrated accounting is built specifically for retail and wholesale businesses, providing real-time insight into sales performance, profitability and costs across all your channels. You can also connect your preferred accounting tool (such as Xero or QuickBooks) to Brightpearl so that all the financial information you need is in one place.


Plug & Play integrations for DTC brands

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