Retail-Tailored Reporting and Business Intelligence

With our robust product and customer insights, detailed financial reporting and demand planning, and informative management reports, you get a complete picture of your business to help you make smarter, faster decisions.

Retail-tailored reporting and business intelligence@2x

Integrated Retail Reporting and Business Intelligence

Designed for retail@2x

Designed for retail

Unlike generic BI tools, Brightpearl is built to align with the unique needs of retail and wholesale. And with out-of-the-box configurations, set-up time is minimal, meaning you can start making smarter decisions immediately.

Data feeds from all of your key operations@2x

Data feeds from all of your key operations

Combine real-time sales, margin, and performance data and inventory levels with feeds from your ad platforms, marketing solutions, web analytics, and more, to provide a complete picture of your retail or wholesale business.

Make the right decisions faster@2x

Make the right decisions faster

Accurate, centralized, and easily accessible data, combined with flexible reporting, enables you to make decisions across your business or to focus on specific products, channels, customers, regions, and more.

Empower your teams with relevant insights@2x

Empower your teams with relevant insights

Ensure every part of your business, from the warehouse team to finance, customer support, sales, and marketing all have the metrics that are most relevant to their roles, enabling faster and better decision-making across your company.

Trusted by merchants

"We were looking for the flexibility and reporting to make better informed business decisions. We got all that with Brightpearl."

Donna Best, Golden Protective Services

"Where we do have a leg up on other brands though is our ability to report real-time on what’s being sold, when and where which helps us to avoid accidentally selling an item to customers which might already be sold out. Our solution provider Brightpearl has been really helpful on that end. When you’re processing thousands of orders each day and in this near constant state of expansion you need to be able to quickly analyze data and make fast and informed decisions on product, suppliers and inventory management."

Alida Sholl, Rep Fitness

"My favorite piece of Brightpearl functionality is the reporting tool. Being able to delve deeper and deeper into the data you’re collecting is really useful, and so all the decisions I make are backed up by facts."

Tom Graham, Alex Monroe

Why Brightpearl


Built for retail

Brightpearl is specifically designed for retail and wholesale businesses, which means you won’t pay for any unnecessary functionality or costly customizations.


Software with service

Our retail consultants accompany you throughout the entire partnership, from project scoping to implementation, offering 24/7 tech support and ongoing business consulting.


Agility at scale

Whether it’s preparing for the holiday rush or responding to sudden market changes or shifting business directions, Brightpearl’s agile operations help you scale with a platform you can build your business on.

Core features of Brightpearl’s retail reporting and business intelligence


Management reporting

Instant access to all of the financial and trading metrics that matter for your business, across all channels, products, and customer segments.


Product analytics

Get access to key product metrics at SKU and category level, across all sales channels. Identify best and worst performing products, factoring in the impact of promotions and tie-in marketing, with the help of acquisition data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more, to build a complete picture of product performance.


Customer reporting

Segment your customers by acquisition source, sales channel, product and category, spend, purchase frequency, among many others to build the most effective and targeted campaigns.


Sales channel performance

Get a consolidated view of your sales channels performance with our multichannel dashboard. Compare revenue and profitability of ecommerce, marketplace, physical store, and wholesale channel performance.


Inventory and demand analysis

Brightpearl combines multi-location, real-time inventory with built-for-merchants reporting and analysis tools, making it easy to make fully informed decisions on a daily basis, and plan the most profitable long-term strategy.


Financial performance

With real-time access to your company’s financials, be confident making the best possible decisions to maximize profits and performance. No more waiting for month-end to get a true picture of margin, or struggling with multiple systems to see a holistic view of accounts payable and receivables.


Report scheduling

View your reports on screen, offline, or in your inbox, enabling you to identify anomalies as they happen and respond quicker and with greater efficiency.


Custom reporting and business intelligence

Customize reports using multiple filters, build role-specific dashboards for different members of the team, and export data for further manipulation or analysis.

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