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Data is the secret to spending your money where it matters – especially during a downturn. But analyzing reams of data can be (understandably) daunting. That’s where Brightpearl Retail Analytics comes in.

It does all the hard work for you, translating all your sales, customer and marketing data into simple, intuitive insights.

One handy dashboard showcases all your key metrics, including sales, stock availability, ad spend, CAC, ROAS, customer LTV and more.

Compare your performance to your competition with our game-changing industry benchmark feature. Make faster, easier decisions that boost cash flow.

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"When information goes through several separate systems, vital data can be lost. Brightpearl links everything together, so we have full data visibility in real time and can therefore make better, more informed choices for the business."

Douglas Begg

Technical & Operations Director, Cleva

How Brightpearl makes
reporting easy yet insightful

Easy Invoicing

One report, multiple sources

Using spreadsheets to manually consolidate your data? There’s a (much) better way. With Brightpearl Retail Analytics, get a 360° view of your business in one place. It automatically pulls data from various sources, including sales channels, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads to give you key metrics like page views, cost per conversion, ad spend, sales revenue, gross margin, CAC, customer LTV, ROAS in real time.

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Optimize your marketing budgets

Customer acquisition costs keep going up, but customer demand keeps shifting. You need full visibility across your marketing campaign performance if you want to boost revenue and hit your target CAC. Make smarter budget allocation and optimization decisions based on marketing KPIs like page views, CTR, cost per conversion, gross margin and customer LTV. Deepdive into your paid search and social campaigns without needing to log into different platforms.

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Focus on your best customers

Segment your customers based on the metrics that matter the most to your business, whether it’s revenue, profit or in-depth KPI like LTV:CAC ratio. Closely monitor the changing behavior and value of your segments to identify your best customers. Compare new and existing customer metrics to easily spot market shifts and new trends.

Other features


Benchmark against competitors

Wish you could see how your business performs compared to your rivals? Now you can. Brightpearl Benchmarking lets you see how you rank against similar businesses when it comes to revenue, selling price, sales, marketing, traffic and customer metrics. Compare your performance then refine your strategies to stand out from the crowd.

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Power up your purchasing

By combining product sales data and page views in Brightpearl, you can optimize your product merchandizing. Ensure your revenue drivers are highlighted and products with high page views but low sales are deprioritized. You can also identify slow-moving items that can be discounted and low-availability but high-performance items that need to be replenished.

Operational efficiency

Get up and running in hours

Quickly connect all your key tools and channels to get all your product, marketing and customer insights in one place. Our in-house experts will also make sure that your systems are connected and configured in an optimal way, so you can avoid inaccurate or missing data and get fast results.

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