Lightning 50 The Global Edition Ranking the top commerce companies in the UK and US by revenue growth

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This year, we are re-launching our search to recognise those e-commerce businesses that have thrived during the pandemic era.

Entries are now open for the Lightning 50. We’ll be asking online firms to submit two full years of revenue data for 2020 and 2021 to be eligible for this year’s Lightning 50.

We'll also be producing TWO definitive lists this year for the top 50 brands in the UK and US which are experiencing strong e-commerce growth.

If that sounds like your business then do enter into consideration for the definitive list of the fastest growing e-commerce companies.

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"When the call came in to say we'd won not one but three titles, I was absolutely buzzing. I ran in to tell the rest of the team and they all started cheering - it was a real moment for us.

We're always working hard towards our next launch or next goal, so we've barely come up for air in two years. Winning the Lightning 50 has given us the chance to step back for a brief moment and see that we've achieved something that's pretty awesome."

Jordan Major, Head of e-Commerce, Au Vodka, the previous winner of the 2021 Lightning 50

"The Lightning 50 ranking is like a point of validation that we’ve done the right things, from signing up with Brightpearl as our operating system to expanding our sales channels, we’ve made some key decisions that have played a huge role in our success."

James Ewens, Head of E-Commerce at FurnitureBox

"Finding out we had made it onto Brightpearl’s Lightning 50 was a huge moment for us — we were so excited and proud. My mum, who co-founded the business, was almost in tears when I told her — tears of joy, that is. Featuring in the Lightning 50 has been the ultimate reward after years of hard work"

Hubert Kosc, Managing Director, Arthauss

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Here’s a secret you should know - 30% of the fastest growing online brands in the country are being powered by Brightpearl, according to the Lightning 50.

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