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Improve data visibility and accuracy in your Magento stores to make the right decisions faster

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Magento is great for any business that wants full control of their webstore. But you’re often stitching together manual operations that cause errors, frustrated customers and damaging reviews.

Brightpearl’s Magento integrations automate your operations that occur beyond the buy button. Ensure Magento is empowering your business so you remain resilient as your business grows.

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Improve visibility

By integrating with Magento, both systems automatically run with real-time data. Eliminate batch processes or manually inputting orders.Give customers accurate details about products, pricing and availability.


Manage costs

When purchase details don’t appear in your back-office system quickly, you may need to keep more safety stock to account for this delay. Integrating systems means transactions are instantly visible in Brightpearl so you can manage product levels in real-time and store less inventory.


Reduce customer complaints

Manually entering data from your webstore costs your team time and is prone to errors. With Brightpearl’s Magento integrations, inventory levels sync in real-time for faster order processing and more satisfied customers.


Scale your business

Equipped to handle peak trading periods and to cope with system outages. Brightpearl’s Magento integrations automate the time-consuming tasks that can stifle a growing business.

Seamless integrations to Magento

With fast and reliable performance at scale, connect your Magento stores with the retail operations of your business to maximize sales. Brightpearl’s Magento extension centralizes your CRM, orders, inventory and accounts all in one place. Once orders are downloaded, stock is reserved immediately, triggering real-time inventory updates to all your sales channels so you minimize overselling.













"The Magento Brightpearl integration is brilliant. Tracking stock levels is really important for us as we sell different quantities across so many different channels - we never want to let customers down by being out of stock - Brightpearl makes sure we don't."

Allen Zhao, Daniel Rios, Technical and Operations Specialist – Paper & Tea

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