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Omnichannel order management for Magento

Simplify your order management with Brightpearl’s high-performance Magento integration

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Magento order management

As soon as orders are placed on Magento, Brightpearl’s integration creates and captures all details and automatically reserves inventory. Any coupon codes, discounts and promotions are all reflected to optimize the customer experience.


Shipment mapping

As orders are fulfilled on your Magento store, shipping method and tracking references are sent from Brightpearl to Magento. Customers are also notified of each separate shipment made against the order in Brightpearl.



All orders and payments are created in Brightpearl using the same currency used for purchase through Magento. All invoices and journal entries reflect the correct currency to ensure accurate accounting practices.


Price management

Prices managed in Brightpearl can updated product prices in Magento by the website and by customer group


Export order payments

Send details of payments received in Magento to Brightpearl where an accounting entry is created automatically. All payments processed in Magento are exported and sent to Brightpearl. Those orders are marked as paid and the proper accounting entries are created in Brightpearl.

Streamline all your online sales channels in one single system

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