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Inventory management for Magento

Synchronize inventory across Magento and all of your sales channels to perfect your customers’ shopping experience. As inventory levels fluctuate, Brightpearl keeps every channel updated so you never oversell or run out of stock.

Key features that our Magento users love


Multi-Source Inventory

Prevent concurrent checkouts and ensure every customer gets the right inventory. Map Magento sources to different warehouses in Brightpearl and control which warehouses push updates back to Magento.


Custom inventory updates

Choose to run real-time inventory reconciliation or control when inventory updates are pulled from Brightpearl. Configure cronjobs to schedule how frequently inventory updates should occur and even run bulk inventory updates.


Multichannel inventory management

When selling on Magento, Brightpearl automatically updates your inventory across all of your sales channels so you never have to worry about out of stocks.

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Powerful KPI reporting

With Brightpearl analytics, understand how your inventory is moving and where any opportunity for improvement exists. Gain access to low inventory alerts, analyze product performance, see margins by product and channel, and know exactly where you’re most profitable.

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Automatic credit memos for returns

When a credit memo is created in Magento for a return, a sales credit is created in Brightpearl automatically. So you know the amount due to a customer for a full or partial refund.

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