Accurately Predict Demand To Sell Smarter

Know exactly when, where and what to reorder with Brightpearl’s intuitive Inventory Planner Premium


Invest in the right products

Take the guesswork out of your demand forecasting. Use your sales history (factoring in fluctuations like seasonality or promotions) to ensure you always have the right amount of stock of the right items to hit your revenue targets.


Release money tied up in overstock

Gain an intuitive view of the items that aren’t selling. Discount or liquidate these products to free up cash and reinvest it in your bestsellers or most profitable products.


Understand your business performance

See how each product, warehouse, sales channel or supplier is performing based on your key metrics, such as revenue, profit, turnover, gross margin and more. Get valuable periodic insights on how your business evolves over time.


Set the right budgets

Know how much money you need every month for merchandise. Break it down at product or variant level so you can prioritise the most profitable products. Never go over budget and  avoid missed sales opportunities.


Fast reordering process

Get a complete view of all the items that need to be reordered in your replenishment report and, in just a couple of clicks, create purchase orders directly from the report –  saving you hours every month. You can even choose the vendor and the date you want items to be received.


Lower shipping costs

Container prices have risen significantly, which means shipping costs are higher than ever. To avoid being crushed by rising costs, you need to maximize container loading. With Inventory Planner Premium you can add CBM (cubic meters) or weight of each item and enable it on your purchase orders to ensure you efficiently fill every last square inch of your shipping containers.

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Our customers

Trusted by merchants in every industry

"We’re a seasonal business – we do a significant proportion of our sales in the run up to Christmas. Being able to accurately forecast our stock needs using Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner, has been a huge help for us – we no longer have to spend hours on spreadsheets!"

Alvaro Gomis, Jimmy Lion

"Thanks to Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner, we knew when to push stock and when to hold back, so we were able to make our stock last. We couldn’t have managed the pandemic and achieved such growth without it."

James Ewens, FurnitureBox

"With Brightpearl, we have proper planning and forecast capabilities. Not to mention all our platforms – Shopify, our 3PL – it’s all fully integrated. Brightpearl created a single source of truth for us that helped us beat the pandemic."

Jenny Bird, Jenny Bird

"Brightpearl synced easily with Magento and our other sales channels at no extra cost. The platform also offered us accurate stock visibility – and even stock forecasting – so we could reliably meet demand."

Ricky Shah, Strength Shop Europe

"The risk of stockouts before was previously huge, but now it’s non-existent. We can accurately forecast demand, even factoring in promotions and peak periods. It’s hard to quantify the impact it has had on our business, but it’s been incredible. Thanks to Inventory Planner Premium alone, I’d say we’ve saved two full time members of staff, or 320 hours a month – at the very least. "

Jorge Henriques, Bond Touch

"The Inventory Planner Premium has been phenomenal for us. It factors in seasonality so that we can look at the data and instantly say ‘ok, we need to order 100,000 of that item, not 10,000 – otherwise we’re going to run out in two months."

Trevor Martin, Snow

Why Brightpearl

Streamline your systems, scale up your business

  • Packed with built-for-retail features
  • Hyper-scalable system that extends to suit your needs
  • Top-notch implementation, training and support
  • Certified partner of Shopify & Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and other e-commerce platforms
  • Powering more than 3 million orders a month – and $5 billion of trade a year
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Core Features:
Data-Driven Inventory Planner Premium

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Reports you can trust

Get reliable replenishment recommendations based on your historical sales data, factoring in fluctuations like seasonality, out of stock periods, promotions and more to ensure accuracy.


Overstock report

Easily identify slow moving and overstocked SKUs to free up cash that’s held up in those items.


Open-to-buy report

Budget better by using your revenue forecast to understand exactly how much inventory you need to buy on a monthly basis.


Advanced metrics

Pick and choose from a huge range of metrics that can be used in each report to help you make decisions based on the KPIs that matter the most to you.


Periodical comparisons

See how your inventory is performing over time to spot developing trends and opportunities. Select the metrics that impact your business goals for periodical comparisons.


Create POs faster

In just a couple of clicks, create purchase orders directly from your replenishment report, simply by selecting all items you want to reorder, and then hitting a button.


Advanced notifications

Estimate the moment when a product is likely to sell out, and receive an alert when it’s time for replenishment, to avoid missing any sales.


At-a-glance dashboards

Get a real-time overview of inventory levels with concise dashboards that highlight things like stock on hand, items on purchase, the top items that need to be reordered, and the most overstocked items.


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