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Hello healthy cash flow.

Tying up your cash in excess inventory can break your cash flow. So can missing out on sales because of stockouts.

The solution? Buying the right inventory to meet demand. Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner allows you to do just that. It offers reliable inventory buying recommendations based on your sales trends, future customer demand and supply patterns. You’ll always know what to buy, how much to buy and when to buy it.

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"Brightpearl’s inventory planning tool has been phenomenal for us. It factors in seasonality so that we can look at the data and instantly say ‘ok, we need to order 100,000 of that item, not 10,000 – otherwise we’re going to run out in two months’."

Trevor Martin

Vice President of Operations, Snow

How Brightpearl makes inventory planning easy

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Reliable buying recommendations, even when markets shift

Get smart inventory purchasing recommendations based on reliable demand forecasts for all your products, including seasonal, non-seasonal, fast-selling, slow-moving, retail and wholesale products. Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner factors in supply lead times, seasonality, promotions, market shifts, your most recent sales trends and your periodic sales comparisons for predictable accuracy – even in unpredictable times.


Faster, smarter inventory purchasing

As well as giving you reliable buying recommendations, Brightpearl also automates your purchase orders. Place POs directly from your buying recommendations in a couple of clicks. Set automation rules based on your own workflows to make your whole purchase order management hands-free.


Release cash from excess inventory

Cash is king – now more than ever. But do you know how much of your cash is tied up in any inventory that is not selling, whether it’s your ‘safety stock’ or overstock? There can be millions of dollars at stake! Brightpearl Inventory Planner flags items that aren’t selling fast enough compared to your customer demand, as well as the associated overstock costs, so you can easily see which items to liquidate first and keep your cash flow healthy.

There’s more…

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Easy forecasting for multiple inventory locations

Hold inventory in more than one location? No problem. Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner will provide you with accurate forecasting across all your locations, including your own warehouse, 3PL, brick and mortar stores and Amazon FBA. Plus, it will optimize inventory levels across all your locations by recommending what products would benefit from being moved from one inventory location to another.

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Access to critical inventory KPIs

Brightpearl Inventory Planner unlocks deeper insight of the inventory impact on your cash flow, thanks to its sales forecasting and inventory planning capability. For instance, you’ll easily know how much revenue you’ll miss out if you delay your replenishment, or the costs associated with your slow-moving products if you don’t liquidate them immediately.


Handle large variant volumes with ease

When you have a large volume of product variants, it’s tricky to determine how much is needed to avoid overstock of some variants and stockouts of others. This is where Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner does all the hard work for you. It forecasts sales and provides purchasing recommendations even down to variant level, saving you hours on tedious, error-prone calculations.


Optimize your shelf space and container loading

Warehouse storage fees and shipping container costs weigh heavily on your total operational costs. With Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner, you can limit the number of units for each warehouse, and your buying recommendations will automatically adjust to your preferences. You can also easily scale your purchase order to fit a container by adding cubic metrics or weight, in order to make the most of capacity limits.


Know how much to buy for new products

Knowing how much to buy of a new product line can be challenging. With Brightpearl Inventory Planner, you can use similar product categories as a reference to predict sales forecasting and get replenishment recommendations for your new product. Plus, you can narrow it down to variant level such as size, color or pattern, so you’ll know in detail the right assortment and quantity to meet future demand.


Plan your purchasing budgets with Open-to-Buy

Our Open-to-Buy feature allows you to easily plan your purchasing budgets by product category, brand and vendor to meet your sales goals. Still new to OTB? Simply use last year’s sales or forecasted sales to plan budgets for the upcoming months. Need more advanced usage? No problem, OTB lets you analyze actual revenue LLY (Last Last Year), plan purchasing budgets based on expected margins and even forecast the number of units you need to order based on price and revenue goals.

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