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In response to ever-evolving consumer demands, we’re entering the Hyper-Scalable Era, defined by the ability to rapidly curate new services and deploy better online shopping experiences. Brightpearl is built for the Hyper-Scalable Era, giving you the flexibility and functionality you need to Grow Fearlessly.


Faster = Better

The faster you adjust to your customers’ demands and market shifts, the more opportunities you’ll seize. Brightpearl speeds up order processing with automated workflows and our lightning-fast Plug & Play e-commerce integrations mean you can get set up on a new sales channel in minutes.


More time for growth

Your time is valuable, so spend it on the things that matter most. Brightpearl’s Automation Engine frees up months of your time each year by automating the most crucial but laborious manual tasks, including order processing, fulfillment, inventory allocation and invoicing.


Make informed decisions

Take your business to the next level by making data-driven decisions. Spend your budget on your best-performing sales channels and products thanks to Brightpearl Analytics and use Inventory Planner to easily manage your inventory and accurately predict demand.

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Want to see how?

Brightpearl processed more than 250,000 orders in a single day last Cyber Monday without any glitches.

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Our customers

Hear what our customers say

Our awesome customers have benefited from Brightpearl’s hyper-scalability to connect to some game-changing tools. Check out some examples below – and get inspired about what you could achieve.

"We needed more than an ERP – we needed a ‘brain’ that could bring everything together. Brightpearl was it. It’s purpose-built for retail businesses and enables smart decision making."

Alvaro Gomis, Jimmy Lion

"The level of service we’ve received from Brightpearl has been phenomenal. As a brand, Brightpearl has a can-do attitude and you get to deal with a real person who knows their stuff."

Mark Tweed, CyberJammies

"Brightpearl is a marvel. We now have visibility across all of our warehouses on a transaction level basis, and easy integrations have given us a significant competitive advantage."

Dan Nephew, Lovepop

"Despite a huge increase in the volume of sales, we’ve been able to keep our same-day dispatch promise to customers. The platform has also saved us hiring up to 10 people to cope with the sustained spike in demand since 2020, saving us a significant amount of money."

Paul Scipioni, Atlantic Cigar Company

"From the very beginning, Brightpearl has been the right tool to support the ways modern consumers want to shop – and that’s more true now than ever."

Jason McCarthy, Wolverson Fitness

Key Features e-commerce merchants love

Plug and play

Plug & Play e-commerce integrations

Add a new online sales channel such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon or eBay in minutes with our high-performance Plug & Play apps. And never compromise on order processing speed, even when order volume shoots up, thanks to our lightning-speed data exchange.


E-commerce inventory and order management

Sales channels are updated automatically with critical information including shipping updates, tracking references and order status updates, ensuring your customers are kept informed. Brightpearl also accurately syncs inventory with multiple channels in seconds, avoiding disappointment caused by incorrect availability.


Data-driven replenishment

Accurately forecast sales demand based on your sales history – taking into account fluctuations in seasonality and supply chain with our smart Inventory Planner. Reorder the right products for each channel at the right time to keep your cash flow healthy.


Automated workflows

Easily set-up automation rules tailored to your unique e-commerce workflows. Automatically fulfill orders, allocate inventory, create PO and invoice customers, freeing-up more time to spend on serving customers and growing your brand.


Hassle-free returns

Automatically process refunds or credits when return items are received. Brightpearl updates your asset values in real-time, and inventory is instantly made available for resale. If an item is unable to be re-sold, you can specify whether it should be written off, or put aside for assessment.

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360-degree reporting

Brightpearl provides complete business intelligence, especially for e-commerce merchants. Access intuitive dashboards across your sales channels, products, suppliers, customers and marketing campaigns, with core metrics for e-commerce brands, such as customer LTV, revenue, gross margin, COGS and more.

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Retail accounting

Brightpearl’s integrated accounting provides real-time insight into sales performance, profitability and costs across all your channels. You also have the freedom to integrate with any accounting system with our super-fast Plug & Play integrations.


Integrated CRM

Store all your customer information in one central hub. Brightpearl automatically creates new customer records and logs all future orders, giving your team an accurate overview of your client base.


Plug & Play integrations for e-commerce brands

Get up and running on a new channel in minutes and handle large order volumes without breaking a sweat

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