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Operational efficiency

Do more in less time

By letting Brightpearl’s Automation Engine take care of the time-consuming, manual aspects of fulfilling orders, including dropshipping, partial fulfillment, multi-location fulfillment, warehouse transfers, invoicing and more. You’ll be able to pick, pack and ship more products in less time with fewer errors.


Flexible shipping options

Offer your customers flexible shipping options thanks to our native connectors to Amazon FBA and 3PL providers. Manage all your shipping carriers – including Shipstation, Shiptheory and Parcelhub – in one place.

Speed test

Stay up to speed

Get instant, real-time insight into the status of orders and stay in control of your finances with our purpose-built, native e-commerce connectors, warehouse management tools and plug & play accounting integrations.


Never miss a sale

When items aren’t available in your bricks-and-mortar store, quickly check availability in Brightpearl’s POS, before choosing to fulfill the items from another location. If stock is out everywhere, automatically mark unavailable items as back orders – and avoid losing sales.

Interaction design

No siloed data

On Brightpearl, all sales channels, warehouses, customers, suppliers are interconnected in one central hub and data is synced in real-time when orders are picked, packed and shipped. It means you get an accurate view of your business and your customers stay updated on their orders.


Reward your VIPs

With retail-focused CRM, you can easily work out who your VIPs are based on your own criteria. But that’s not all. Brightpearl helps you reward your best customers with perks such as faster shipping or free gifts added to orders automatically. 

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Our customers

Trusted by merchants in every industry

"Brightpearl has helped improve accuracy no end, and it also integrates seamlessly with our shipping provider, so although we have a much higher volume of orders, we’re processing them at a faster rate than ever before."

Ranjit Longani, Bathroom 4 Less

"Brightpearl quickened up order processing and delivery times by removing our manual workflows. The warehouse is now self-sufficient and double-duty is, thankfully, a thing of the past."

Paul Swain,

"Brightpearl automatically allocates the inventory for the order in real-time and the customer can collect within a couple of hours. If the customer chooses it to be sent to their address, that’s no problem either. Because of Brightpearl, we save on shipping costs, and, most importantly, the customer gets their item much faster!"

David Walsh, Bikebug

"Because wholesale orders are in the pipeline for longer than those customers coming to us via a DTC channel, it adds an extra layer of complexity to order fulfillment. However, Brightpearl automatically updates each sales channel in real-time with information on what products are available. And its single source of truth means I can dip into the platform at any time to quickly get an overview of our inventory, order fulfillment and sales across channels, which is so important to removing potential bottlenecks in our operation."

David Lochhead, Finlay London

Core Features: Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Handle with care

Automated order fulfillment

Easily create unique rules to automate time-consuming manual order fulfillment tasks in just a few clicks.


Multi-warehouse order fulfillment

Automatically choose the best inventory location to fulfil an order. No more transferring inventory between warehouses before shipping!

Drop shipping

Dropshipping made easy

Quickly set up dropshipping rules for certain customers, channels or products to suit the needs of your business.

Box opened

Simple partial fulfillment

Automate order splitting when certain items are out of stock and put unfulfilled items on backorder. Once inventory is back in-stock, Brightpearl will automatically fulfil the sale.

Supply chain

FIFO order routing

For merchants using a FIFO (First-in, First-out) accounting model, Brightpearl can automatically use older inventory to fulfill orders first.

Connection hub

Multi-channel FBA

Enable Fulfillment by Amazon on orders from channels like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or eBay. Configure your automation workflow to send orders using Amazon, ensuring accurate requests are sent to avoid errors and fees.


Channel-specific shipping

Ship items in different ways depending on the sales channel they were bought on. Create channel-specific templates for packing notes. And flag international orders for additional

Tracking location

Centralize shipping carriers

Use our direct plug & play shipping integrations to manage all shipping carriers in one system and have the freedom to easily choose different carriers for different channels or orders.


Save money on shipping

Always use the most cost-effective shipping method. Choose different carriers depending on the price, weight, or quantity of products.

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