Automate Shipping and Order Fulfillment at Scale

Get more orders out faster with automated and easily-configurable shipping and fulfillment workflows for each of your sales channels.

Automate shipping and order fulfillment at scale@2x

Flexible shipping and order fulfillment

Leverage workflow automation to boost efficiency@2x

Leverage workflow automation to boost efficiency

Stop spending hours on manual tasks and get your time back by automating your order fulfillment and warehouse management processes. Using Brightpearl’s powerful automation, your fulfillment team can get the right orders out of the door faster.

Exceed customer expectations with fast shipping@2x

Exceed customer expectations with fast shipping

Brightpearl’s leading shipping management integrations with Amazon FBA and 3PL providers, along with flexible delivery options like drop-shipping and partial shipments, allow you to configure rule-based automation to select the best shipping method to exceed customer expectations for every sale.

Fulfill on multiple channels with ease@2x

Fulfill on multiple channels with ease

Whether you’re selling on ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, or in physical stores, all orders are centralized in Brightpearl in real-time. That allows you to automate multichannel order fulfillment workflows with our automation engine.

Stay updated when orders are picked, packed, and shipped@2x

Stay updated when orders are picked, packed, and shipped  

As inventory, orders, warehouses, shipping, and fulfillment are all managed in one single system, information is synced in real-time across all channels. As soon as an order is placed, fulfilled, shipped, or invoiced, related areas like inventory levels, order status, shipping process, and accounts are automatically updated.

Trusted by merchants

"Brightpearl has helped improve accuracy no end, and it also integrates seamlessly with our shipping provider, so although we have a much higher volume of orders, we’re processing them at a faster rate than ever before."

Ranjit Longani, Bathroom 4 Less

"Brightpearl quickened up order processing and delivery times by removing our manual workflows. The warehouse is now self-sufficient and double-duty is, thankfully, a thing of the past."

Paul Swain,

"Brightpearl automatically allocates the inventory for the order in real-time and the customer can collect within a couple of hours. If the customer chooses it to be sent to their address, that’s no problem either. Because of Brightpearl, we save on shipping costs, and, most importantly, the customer gets their item much faster!"

David Walsh, Bikebug

"Because wholesale orders are in the pipeline for longer than those customers coming to us via a DTC channel, it adds an extra layer of complexity to order fulfillment. However, Brightpearl automatically updates each sales channel in real-time with information on what products are available. And its single source of truth means I can dip into the platform at any time to quickly get an overview of our inventory, order fulfillment and sales across channels, which is so important to removing potential bottlenecks in our operation."

David Lochhead, Finlay London

Why Brightpearl


Built for retail

Brightpearl is specifically designed for retail and wholesale businesses, which means you won’t pay for any unnecessary functionality or costly customizations.


Software with service

Our retail consultants accompany you throughout the entire partnership, from project scoping to implementation, offering 24/7 tech support and ongoing business consulting.


Agility at scale

Whether it’s preparing for the holiday rush, or responding to sudden market changes or shifting business directions, Brightpearl’s agile operations help you scale with a platform you can build your business on.

Core features of Brightpearl’s automated shipping and order fulfillment


Automated order fulfillment workflows

Choose from a vast selection of pre-built automation rules to easily configure your own automated fulfillment processes, leaving you to focus on growing your business.


Multi-warehouse order fulfillment

Directly assign inventory sources when fulfilling an order using powerful order fulfillment features, without having to transfer inventory to ship orders, even if products are kept in different locations.


Automated ecommerce dropshipping

Define and automate dropshipping scenarios for a certain group of customers or a specific category of products.


Amazon FBA multichannel fulfillment

Fulfill orders on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or eBay using Amazon FBA. Configure the point within your order workflow to trigger shipments to be sent to Amazon, ensuring correct requests are passed to Amazon, and helping minimize errors and fees.


Partial fulfillment for automatic back orders

If certain products of an order can’t be shipped, Brightpearl will split the order and put those unfulfilled items on backorder, allowing you to invoice the rest. Once inventory is back in-stock, Brightpearl will automatically allocate to the sale.


Flexible shipping methods

Create shipping methods, and define channel-specific templates for packing notes. If shipping internationally, choose to flag certain shipping methods for particular countries to allow further customization.


Centralize shipping carriers

With our direct shipping integrations, manage all shipping carriers in one single system and have the freedom to use different carriers for different channels or orders.


Configurable pick, pack, and ship workflows

Easily configure and automate your pick, pack, and ship workflows with Brightpearl’s powerful automation engine. Additional operations, such as barcoding items and batch picking can be used with our WMS integrations.


Order routing based on FIFO

With the FIFO (First-in, First-out) accounting model, older inventory will automatically be used  to fulfill orders first, unless you need to do otherwise.


Modular shipping prices for phone orders

Configure cost breaks for different shipping methods. Choose if shipping costs should be split according to the price, weight, or quantity of shipped products.

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