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A better way to do B2B

Are you a wholesaler, B2B business or hybrid brand selling in both retail and wholesale markets? You need purpose-built functionality that automates, streamlines and simplifies your operations. Brightpearl takes care of everything in one place – helping you manage multiple suppliers, price lists, webstores and more with ease, and giving you the flexibility you need to grow.


True flexibility

Whether you’re a wholesaler branching into DTC or you’re exploring wholesale and B2B channels in addition to retail, Brightpearl is the ultimate operating system. Gain the flexibility you need to quickly adjust your business model and the dedicated functionality you need to thrive.


Intelligent insights

Do you know which retailers and suppliers deliver the highest profits? Brightpearl offers real-time financial and sales reports, as well as reporting on sales channels, customers and suppliers. It means you can make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive your business forward.


Huge time savings

When margins are tight, efficiency is essential and errors should be avoided at all cost. With Brightpearl, you can easily automate your crucial but time-consuming manual tasks, from order fulfillment to invoicing, saving hundreds of hours (and hundreds of headaches).

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Our customers

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Our awesome customers have benefited from Brightpearl’s hyper-scalability to connect to some game-changing tools. Check out some examples below – and get inspired about what you could achieve.

"Before Brightpearl, we were behind on shipping and overselling on Amazon. Since implementing Brightpearl, we’ve been growing between five and 10% every month - and we’ve tripled our net profits."

Nick Ernst, Snap Supply

"Brightpearl stands out from the crowd because the functionality is excellent – and the system looks good and responds intuitively, too. When you use it all day, every day, it makes a real difference when it’s not."

Matt Wisniewski, USA Lab

"Brightpearl was actually the only software that met all of our requirements. We needed software immediately, as fast as we could get something in. Brightpearl was the easiest to setup and configure. I could tell it had the best flexibility for us and it was scalable for us to get to the next level and beyond."

David Keith, Growers House

"I mainly use the system for reports, product management, orders and customers. I love the tagging functionality, it’s easy to tag and categorize products. I’m a numbers type of user so being able to see reports and numbers in the system is important to me."

Ben Johnson, Casey’s Distributing

Key Features for wholesale, B2B & hybrid merchants

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Run everything in one place

Brightpearl is designed for both retail and wholesale. Streamline your wholesale and retail workflows in one central hub, gaining an instant overview of your whole business and avoiding endless switches between systems.


Multichannel made simple

With Brightpearl, it doesn’t matter whether you take orders via phone, email or your webstore – all order info and inventory levels are automatically updated in one place. You’ll have a real-time view of your inventory, and can avoid overselling and overstocking.


Easy wholesale integrations

Brightpearl integrates out-of-the-box with leading wholesale e-commerce platforms, such as NuORDER, Joor and Le New Black. The connections are built using Brightpearl’s high-performance API, so the system won’t slow you down even when orders spike.


Automated order fulfillment

Brightpearl’s Automation Engine allows you to easily automate the most complex order fulfilment workflows including dropshipping, partial fulfillment, back-to-back ordering, warehouse transfers, order splitting and more. It saves the average merchant two whole months a year that they can reinvest in more important things, like growth.


Build a better B2B website

As Shopify Plus’ certified partner, Brightpearl’s high-performance Shopify integration allows you to utilize Shopify Wholesale or Shopify partners to build a separate B2B website, enabling a better shopping experience and service for B2B or wholesale customers.

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Flexible invoicing and pricing options

Wholesale customers need different payment terms and prices. Brightpearl supports proforma invoices, true invoices, payments on account, deposits and part payments — and always ensures your accounts are automatically updated. You can even manage individual price lists by account, by group of accounts, by sales person (or in almost any other way you like).

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Easily manage stock

Never run short on your bestsellers again! Brightpearl’s market-leading Inventory Planner ensures you know exactly when to reorder inventory. Plus, manage all your POs and suppliers, and see all the data you need, in one place.


Smarter reporting

Accounts receivable reports allow you to see at-a-glance which of your clients owe you money and how long they’re overdue. A handy tagging system can show the vital info you need, including when statements were sent, the status of the account or a dunning letter reference.


Built-in CRM

Client data is always at hand in Brightpearl, so every member of your team can deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently. Ongoing clients can be assigned account managers and all interactions can be grouped for easier communication and reporting.


Plug & Play integrations for wholesale and hybrid brands

Get up and running on a new channel in minutes and handle large order volumes without breaking a sweat

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