Easy Inventory Management for Amazon Merchants

Want to succeed as an Amazon seller? You’ll need to meet Amazon’s super-strict standards - including achieving a low Order Defect Rate and cancellation rate and getting orders out at lightning speed with on-time delivery.

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Automatically sync all your inventory, orders, shipping and payments between Amazon and Brightpearl. Brightpearl has an ‘out of the box’ Plug & Play integration with Amazon, providing you with a central source of truth – even across multiple channels.


Amazon Brightpearl

  • Sales orders, including FBA, Prime and business orders
  • Payments & fees

Brightpearl Amazon

  • Inventory from multiple locations

Amazon ←→ Brightpearl

  • Shipments
  • Prices

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" The Brightpearl platform helped us so much; the inventory syncing with Amazon was crucial as it meant we never oversold an item or failed to get a product on time – which may have seen us penalised. "

John Ibbetson, VP of Sales & Business Development, trueCABLE

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Key Features
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Automated inventory control across multiple locations

If you have multiple warehouses or inventory locations, keeping Amazon up to date manually or with a second-rate system can lead to issues with over/under-selling. Brightpearl is different, you can automatically manage inventory and sync to Amazon in real time.


Powerful Automation Engine

Easily create customized rules to automate your workflows: Brightpearl customers save, on average, 2 months every year by automating tasks that were previously manual like: picking the most efficient fulfillment center for orders, creating purchase orders, fulfilling from multiple locations and more.


Plug & Play Integrations

As well as a seamless Amazon connector that can handle tens of thousands of orders per day; Brightpearl also has Plug & Play integrations with other top sales channels as well as many accounting, 3PL & shipping options. These integrations are all ready to go and high-performance so you never need to worry about handling high order volumes.


Inventory demand planning

Not sure which products to stock up or how much inventory to purchase? Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner takes the guesswork out of inventory forecasting. By bringing in historical data from all your sales channels, Inventory Planner makes sure you have the right amount of inventory.


Accurate real-time Amazon reporting

As your business grows you want to be able to compare the performance of each of your channels, allowing you to expand or pull back to find the most profitable combination. Brightpearl’s reporting brings together sales & fees from all your channels giving you actionable insights split by channel & by product.


Amazon FBA & Multi-channel fulfilment (MCF)

Whether you use FBA for Amazon orders or Amazon MCF to fulfill orders on your other sales channels, Brightpearl automatically syncs orders from selected channels to Amazon for fulfillment, and receives fulfillment updates back. Pair that with Brightpearl’s powerful rules-based automation engine so you can automate the choice of warehouse, FBA or MCF and you have a winning combination.

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