The Projects module enables you and your team to monitor the costs and income of multiple projects that involve events, tasks, staff, subcontractors and files. Any transaction can be assigned to a project as well as CRM, accounting, calendars and e-commerce.

Projects can also be used for transaction analysis.

Learn how to use projects for cost centres or analysis codes

Setting Up

To start using the Projects module you will need to subscribe.

You will need to create a project and assign a project manager. You will then be able to assign further staff members and CRM contacts.

Project Statuses

As your projects progress, they may go through various stages. You can define the order in which the statuses appear, which ones are updated automatically and restrict which staff members are able to update the status manually using the staff permissions.

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Job Statuses

In a similar way to projects, your jobs can be set to different statuses, you can choose which of these statuses are to be used for Jobs and which ones are used as default for new and closed jobs.

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Email Templates

When jobs are updated, the project members (staff only) can receive automatic email or SMS notifications. You can design the template for these emails to fit with your business requirements. Perhaps you might add a logo, or login information to your online project collaboration area so that clients can see how the project is progressing.

There is one default event notification template that is used for all events (which include internal tasks, company events and so on). Each separate job within a project can be set to use it’s own template. If you wish to do this, you will need to create extra templates Make sure that the new template is active, and you will be able to choose it when creating the job.

Create Your Staff and Clients

You will need to create a contact for each of your staff members, subcontractors and clients before you can add them to a project or job. If you enter a mobile phone number for a contact they can be set to receive text messages with job updates and new job creation alerts.

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Invoice and Quote Templates

Just as you can edit the email template that is sent out with job updates, you can edit your Quote and Invoice templates. You can also create extra templates in addition to the standard Brightpearl system templates, which will allow you to have different layouts for different projects or jobs, or even different invoices within jobs.

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