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One size fits none

One Size Fits None

We've entered an era of Hyper-Scalable Commerce, where modern customers want bespoke experiences, cutting edge services, and the ability to buy goods in multiple ways – including new 'alternative' methods such as Livestream, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch and voice commerce. Brands must be able to keep pace.

Life is short - Automate

Life is Short. Let's Automate.

With the ecommerce sector booming and demand for online shopping higher than ever, there’s never been a better time to embrace automation for your business. We’ve launched a handy range of resources to help you discover how your business can benefit from automating ecommerce workflows.

How we'll shop

How We’ll Shop

How We’ll Shop, a new study by Brightpearl, reveals the most significant changes to shoppers’ spending habits since Covid and how this will impact on their behaviours and priorities over the next 12 months, alongside revealing data on which retail sectors will be the winners and losers in this dramatically altered retail landscape.

Rise of the Review Culture

Rise of the Review Culture

The Rise of the Review Culture, a new study by Brightpearl and Trustpilot, explores why the burgeoning review culture is having a growing financial and reputational impact on retailers and brands. You'll find in this report vital insight into the steps businesses must take to get a grip on their online reputation and succeed in the growing review economy.

Retail Tech Stack

Retail Tech Stack

The retail technology landscape can be a bewildering mix of exaggerated claims, overlapping solutions and confusing jargon. The Retail Tech Stack provides real-world examples from merchants and insights from industry experts to help merchants navigate this tech landscape and cut through the noise.