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About These Reports

Covid-19 has drastically altered how, where, and who we shop with. What does the next year hold in store for your customers?

How We'll Shop, a new study by Brightpearl, reveals the most significant changes to shoppers' spending habits since Covid and how this will impact on their behaviours and priorities over the next 12 months, alongside revealing data on which retail sectors will be the winners and losers in this dramatically altered retail landscape.

How We'll Shop also provides vital insight into the steps businesses must take to get a grip on new consumer habits. If you want clear insight on your customer and how Covid-19 has changed them, then How We'll Shop should be essential reading.

What Can You Learn From
How We’ll Shop?

  • An understanding of how shoppers are reprioritising spend by category sector - the winners and losers over the next year
  • Detailed insight into the major changes shoppers have made to their spending habits and the top influences on spend and buying behaviour over the next 12 months
  • Knowledge of the factors shoppers say are crucial to seamless shopping experiences Post Covid
  • Advice from industry experts on the changes retailers need to make to adapt to new shopper behaviours and spending habits in 2021
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"This report is an incredibly valuable addition for retailers and a welcome contribution to the debate surrounding the future of retail"

Andrew Busby, Top 20 global retail influencer & IBM Futurist

Highlights from the reports

UK Consumers

  • 65%

    will be buying online more frequently over the next 12 months

  • 44%

    now buy products online that they previously only ever bought in stores

  • 25%

    have been let down by an online order since the crisis started

  • 20%

    are expected to only buy online within 5 years

US Consumers

  • 78%

    will buy online more frequently over the next 12 months

  • 30%

    are less likely to shop in stores in the future

  • 36%

    have been let down by an online orders since the coronavirus began

  • 40%

    say that they will only shop online within 5 years

Download the reports

Arm yourself with vital information so your business can adapt quickly to the behaviors and spending habits that will form the new shopping landscape over the next twelve months. For a detailed look on 'How We’ll Shop', read the reports today.

Podcast series

Check out our four part podcast series! Created in association with Winning With Shopify, hear advice and guidance from retail legends, technology experts and successful online merchants on the consumer shopping trends you should be keeping an eye on over the next year, and how best to adapt your own business to thrive in the radically changing ecommerce space. Cut through the noise and hear from the experts on How We’ll Shop.

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