Perfectly in synch sales channels.

Connect your POS software in your brick-and-mortar stores in near real time to your website and online marketplace listings. You only need to enter inventory once. As soon as it’s sold in your store, your other sales channels are updated automatically.

Impress your customers.

Empower your staff to serve your customers even better on the shop floor with access to vital product data from inside your point of sale terminal that could help you turn a prospect into a happy customer. Inventory availability and order management are accessible from your terminal so if something’s not in stock you can order it on the spot and have it shipped right away.

A single system.

Inventory, accounting, customer information and orders are automatically updated across all your sales channels. Make a sale in your physical store and your order is processed, your stock levels adjusted, your accounts updated, and you can even capture your customers’ data. All in a single system.

Be in tune with your finances.

Your POS software and other sales channels are integrated directly into your accounting system so you always know exactly how much money you’ve made. Your inventory and purchasing are integrated too so you also know precisely how much you’re spending as well.

"When we looked into the system we were blown away by everything that came with inventory management."

Jon Burrage, The Triathlon Shop

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Shopify point-of-sale software integration.

Shopify POS

Brightpearl is integrated with Shopify point-of-sale, an iPad application designed to let retailers sell their Shopify stores’ products in a physical retail location.

When Brightpearl customers use Shopify POS alongside their Shopify web store, they can:

  • Process sales, full & partial payments, and refunds
  • Automatically sync products, orders, and customers across all physical stores, online Shopify stores, and marketplaces, to and from Brightpearl
  • Set-up basic Manager vs Staff member permissions
  • Add notes, discounts and adjust tax rates on each order row
  • Support multiple tax jurisdictions
  • Accept and swipe credit cards
  • Use Shopify recommended hardware, including credit card reader, cash drawer, iPad stand and receipt printer – just add an iPad

And Brightpearl offers much more than just POS software.

As a fully integrated cloud-based retail management system Brightpearl offers you a lot more than just POS software.

  • In-depth sales analysis
  • Instant profit/loss reporting
  • Integrations with other apps
  • Cloud based, access anywhere, anytime
  • 24/7 support
  • Hosted for you
  • Regular upgrades
  • Safe and secure data
  • Comprehensive training
  • Works on any platform