Mobile Point of Sale Software for Multichannel Retailers

An intuitive, Point of Sale system that allows your staff to stay focused on the customer.


Complete control over your business, at no cost to customer experience

Brightpearl is a retail focused Point of Sale software designed to work seamlessly with your retail business. With Brightpearl, new staff are up and running within minutes, armed with the information they need to engage and delight your customers.

With Brightpearl POS, you get a complete picture of your retail business, from inventory to real time accounting and much more. 

Take payments with PayPal for less

PayPal’s payment processing and other innovative business solutions are designed to help you manage and grow your business with ease—whether you do business in person or online. Our POS software integrates with PayPal Here and provide preferential rates for integrated card payments and discounts on PayPal Here hardware.

paypal and brightpearl pos integrate

POS software, powered by Brightpearl's back office

Get detailed insights about your customers and store performance and provide a truly omnichannel experience.   

brightpearl POS software makes sure you never miss a sale

Never Miss a Sale

Empower your team with a real time view of inventory across the entire business, and never miss a sale.

brightpearl gives you a 360 customer profile

360 customer profile

Provide a true omnichannel experience for your customers with a 360° customer profile across all channels.

brightpearl pos software works offline

Offline mode

Offline mode allows you to mobilise your in-store experience to trade shows, pop up stores or on the road.

see real time performance insights with brightpearl pos software

Real time performance

See your store performance in real time and keep your reporting accurate with automated inventory management and accounting.

brightpearl pos system helps avoid discounting with user level permissions

Avoid Discounting

Avoid unnecessary discounting with user level permissions. Each team member can be assigned a permission level, and a unique maximum discount allowance 

brightpearl pos system is beautiful and intuitive

Beautiful & Intuitive

Designed to be customer facing, our POS software can be used to queue-bust, given to reps on the road, or taken to events

"We've saved 40 people hours a month with Brightpearl, and would never have been able open multiple retail stores and multiple warehouses without it."

Lauren Miser - Natural Baby Shower

Grow your business with Brightpearl POS

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Frequently Asked Questions about our POS System

Does Brightpearl POS work offline?

It sure does! You can take orders while you're on the move and sync them with Brightpearl when you’re next online. To unlock the full features of Brightpearl POS, you need online access but offline mode give you the essential functionality will tie you over until you next get connected.

Can I take it with me to trade shows?

Brightpearl POS is the perfect solution for trade shows. Our POS is designed to be customer facing and mobile, so you can take it with you anywhere and get started with minimal hardware.

Do I need to change payment gateways?

Not at all. We integrate directly with Paypal Here at the moment, and are always assessing others. It’s not at all compulsory though, you can create and use as many payment methods per store as you need and continue to track all the payments and accounting within Brightpearl.

How long does it take to get my staff trained?

Some of our customers have quoted ‘a matter of minutes’. It’s very intuitive, and by virtue of being a POS there’s no need for complications or long winded processes.

Does it do refunds and exchanges?

Absolutely. Everything takes place within a single basket - any items with a negative quantity are considered returned, and you can capture customized return reasons for each to help improve service later. To turn a return into an exchange, simply have the replacement item in the same basic. When the exchange hits Brightpearl it’ll be properly recognized as both a sale and a credit.



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