Order & Inventory Management Integration For SnapFulfil

Integrate SnapFulfil with Brightpearl to centralize your retail operations

Our existing 3PL integrations allow Brightpearl to manage products, goods-out notes, purchase orders, customer returns and inventory transfers in SnapFulfil’s system. Shipping updates, goods-in confirmations and inventory adjustments can feed into your Brightpearl account directly from SnapFulfil, providing your business with the stability and reliability it needs to grow efficiently.

How Brightpearl - SnapFulfil integration works


Products created and updated in Brightpearl will be reflected in SnapFulfil.

Goods-out notes

Goods-out notes created in Brightpearl will be automatically transferred to SnapFulfil at your chosen status

Shipment updates

As shipments are processed in SnapFulfil, the Brightpearl goods-out notes will be marked as shipped.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders created in Brightpearl can be fed into SnapFulfil at your chosen order status.

Customer returns

Sales credits created in Brightpearl can be fed into the SnapFulfil at your chosen order status.

Goods-in for purchases,returns and transfers

When goods are received by SnapFulfil, inventory levels are updated in Brightpearl.

Inventory transfers

Transfers created in Brightpearl will be fed into SnapFulfil ready for them to receive or ship.

Inventory adjustments

Inventory levels in Brightpearl are updated with ad hoc corrections, such as lost stock or damages.

Inventory sync

Reconcile inventory levels from SnapFulfil to Brightpearl


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