QuickBooks Inventory Management (Online)

Sync your invoices, payments and inventory with our QuickBooks Online integration

This integration ensures all crucial data relating to your orders and returns is sycned automatically. Brightpearl will manage contacts, products, sales invoices/credits and purchase invoices/credits in your QuickBooks account. Sales receipts and refunds created in either system will flow through to the other, allowing you to choose where to manage customer payments. Accounts payable can be managed in QuickBooks, with any payments or refunds updating the related purchase order in Brightpearl.

How the Brightpearl and QuickBooks (Online) integration works

Sales payments and refunds

Sales payments and refunds can be created in either Brightpearl or QuickBooks, with the other system being updated automatically. Payment methods are mapped in the connector settings to ensure the correct account is updated.


New customer and vendor accounts created in Brightpearl, or changes made to existing accounts, will be reflected in Quickbooks Online. Info such as name, company, email address, billing/shipping address and currency is transferred.


Fundamental product data such as SKUs and product names are sent from Brightpearl to QuickBooks Online. New products added in Brightpearl will be created in QuickBooks with changes made to existing products also being synced.

Purchase invoices and credits

When a purchase order reaches the invoiced status in Brightpearl a purchase order is created in QuickBooks Online containing the relevant products/services, ready to be copied to a bill. Purchase credits are synced in the same way.

Sales invoices and credits

When a sales order reaches the invoiced status in Brightpearl a sales invoice with the customer, date, products/services, amounts, etc. is created automatically in QuickBooks where inventory is deducted. Sales credits are synced in the same way.


Inventory in QuickBooks is updated in relation to financial transactions, i.e. inventory is decreased as sales invoices are created and increated as purchase orders are billed. Our inventory adjustment sync is coming soon!

Purchase payments and refunds

Payments refunded against linked orders and credits will be created in Brightpearl.

QuickBooks Online

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