Brightpearl + Sage Intacct

World-leading retail operations meets AICPA-endorsed multi-entity accounting solution

Finally! Multichannel retailers no longer have to choose between best-in-class retail operations or best-in-class financial management. Brightpearl, built for retail and trusted by over 1,000 merchants, now connects to Sage Intacct, the #1 accounting solution on G2 for midsize companies.

Scale your business while delivering a better experience for your accountants and customers  with intelligent automated workflows that cut delays, eliminate double entries and streamline billing.

How it works

Inventory Journals

Create inventory journals based on stock movements, such as inventory corrections, goods-in and goods-out

Vendors and B2B customers added in Brightpearl are pushed to Intacct. Updates can be made in either application

New products added in Brightpearl or changes made to existing products are pushed to Intacct as non-inventory items

B2C Sales Journals
Aggregated journals related to sales originating from B2C channels are synced from Brightpearl to Intacct

B2B Sales Invoices and Credits
Sales invoices and credits recorded in Brightpearl for B2B channels are created in Intacct as AR invoices

B2B Sales Payments and Refunds
Sales payments and refunds relating to B2B contacts created in either application will update the other

Purchase Invoices and Credits
Purchase invoices/credits recorded in Brightpearl are created in Intacct as AP bills/credits

Purchase Payments and Refunds
Purchase payments and refunds created in Intacct are reflected in Brightpearl


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