Bill of Materials

Manage assembly of your finished goods with our Bill of Materials app

A Bill of Materials or BOM is a list of components, parts, sub-assemblies and the quantities of each needed to assemble a finished product. This app enables you to easily create BOMs and to manage the assembly and disassembly of your finished products. Bill of Materials links directly with your Brightpearl inventory and accounting, posting adjustments in real-time.

How it works

Create BOMs

Create your BOM records, first by creating the finished products and their components within Brightpearl. You can then create the Bill of Materials record itself, defining which products, parts and sub-assemblies are required to make the finished product.

Import BOMs

Add new BOMs or edit your existing records by exporting, modifying and re-importing easy to use CSV files.

View inventory availability

Clearly see which components are required to build a finished product. See what’s in stock and where inventory is located within your warehouse(s).

Assemble a BOM

The assembly operation allows you to build a finished product. Choose the warehouse and bin location from which to take the components and where to put the finished products. Once confirmed, inventory adjustments post automatically in Brightpearl removing the components and adding in the assembled items.

Disassemble a BOM

This operation allows you to remove finished products from your inventory, breaking them back into their components.


Choose to assemble finished products automatically, either when they are required to fulfil a sales order or based on their minimum stock level. An auto-assembly report is emailed to your specified team/team member, providing them with details such as the SKU and sales order number.

Auto-price update

If enabled, the cost price of a finished product is calculated as the sum of component cost prices multiplied by their quantity. This update runs automatically before performing an assembly operation, so the finished product’s inventory value will reflect the latest component cost prices.

Assembly and disassembly reports

View activity reports showing all assembly and disassembly operations. See which items were adjusted in and out and in which warehouse, along with info such as the user and the date/time.

Bom Module

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