Magento Integration

High performance Magento integration that simplifies your inventory management and accounting needs

Brightpearl’s Magento extension centralizes your CRM, order, inventory and accounts management all in one place. Orders are downloaded and stock is reserved immediately, triggering real-time inventory updates to all your sales channels, helping to minimize overselling. This extension creates a smooth communication synergy between Brightpearl and Magento, which helps to optimize your Magento site performance.

How the Brightpearl and Magento integration works


– Orders are created in Brightpearl, creating new or using existing customers and automatically reserving inventory
– Capture additional order information such as coupon codes, gift messages in Brightpearl using custom fields
– Magento discounts & promotions will be reflected on the order in Brightpearl
– Orders in multi-currencies can be handled in Brightpearl


Product custom options defined in Magento will be transferred to Brightpearl.


Payments are created in Brightpearl to mark orders as paid, as and when they are captured in Magento
Payments can be done in multi-currencies

Order status

Map Brightpearl and Magento order statuses so that a change in either application will update the other.


On hand inventory levels from one or more Brightpearl warehouses change are sent to Magento on a variety of triggers to ensure accurate availability.


Manage main, special, cost and tiered pricing all from Brightpearl and in the currency of each Magento website


Shipping method and tracking reference are sent to Magento and customers are notified for each separate shipment made against the order in Brightpearl


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