NuORDER Integration

Order and inventory management integration for NuORDER

The Brightpearl app for NuORDER enables Brightpearl to manage products, inventory and shipping updates in NuORDER. Customers created in either application will update the other. Sales orders created in NuORDER will download into Brightpearl.

How the Brightpearl and NuORDER integration works


Products created and updated in Brightpearl will be reflected in NuORDER.


Inventory levels are updated in NuORDER, updating the availability for immediate, future or prebook orders.


Customers flagged as B2B accounts are sent from Brightpearl to NuORDER. New customers are created in Brightpearl upon creation of a sales order.

Shipping confirmations

Shipping confirmations are created in NuORDER once an order is fully shipped in Brightpearl.


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