WooCommerce Inventory Management Integration

Inventory management and order management solution for your WooCommerce store

Our connector enables Brightpearl to publish new products, update existing items and manage inventory levels in WooCommerce. New sales orders download into Brightpearl, creating new customer records where required. Map payment methods to see payment journals posted automatically. Then process your orders in Brightpearl; once they’re dispatched, the shipping confirmation updates WooCommerce and notifies your customer. Returns and refunds created in WooCommerce also download into Brightpearl.

How the Brightpearl and WooCommerce integration works


Products created and updated in Brightpearl will be reflected in WooCommerce.


Inventory levels are automatically updated in WooCommerce.

Sales orders

Orders are created in Brightpearl, creating new or updating existing customers and automatically reserving inventory.


Payments are created in Brightpearl to mark orders as paid, as and when they are captured in WooCommerce.

Shipping confirmations

Tracking references are sent to WooCommerce and customers are notified when orders are shipped in Brightpearl.

Returns and refunds

Automatically create a sales credit and refund in Brightpearl when a return is processed in WooCommerce.


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