SPS Commerce Sell

Connect directly to your EDI customers with our SPS Commerce integration

Orders placed by your connected retailers/trading partners download automatically into Brightpearl ready for you to fulfil. Send back order acknowledgements, confirming whether the order is accepted, rejected or backordered. Advance shipping notices (ASNs), invoices, order status reports and inventory advice documents are also sent from Brightpearl to SPS Commerce.

How it works


New purchases from your trading partners are created in Brightpearl as sales orders, automatically reserving available inventory.

Orders acknowledgment

When a new order is fully allocated, the order is accepted in SPS Commerce. Alternatively the order can be rejected or backordered.

Advance ship notice

When items are shipped in Brightpearl an ASN is sent to SPS notifying your trading partner of the dispatched items and tracking details.


When sales orders are invoiced in Brightpearl, the invoice document is created in SPS.

Inventory advice

Update connected retailers with your on-hand inventory levels.

Order status report

The status of an order is sent from Brightpearl to SPS in response to a trading partner requesting the information.

Warehouse shipping advice

If you use a third party warehouse to fulfill your orders, Brightpearl will be updated when they confirm dispatch.

SPS Commerce Sell

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