SPS Commerce Supply

Integrate seamlessly to SPS Commerce for smooth data interchange with your suppliers

Raise purchase orders either for delivery into your own warehouse to replenish stock, or for your supplier to dropship directly to your customer. Once your supplier confirms that items have been dispatched, an advance ship notice (ASN) is returned. Once they raise an invoice, the document is created automatically in Brightpearl. You can also keep track of your supplier’s inventory levels and optionally update a virtual warehouse in Brightpearl.

How it works

Purchase orders

Purchases raised in Brightpearl for your trading partners are created in SPS

Purchase order change

Changes to purchases in Brightpearl are sent to SPS.

Advance ship notice

When your supplier ships items on an order, an ASN is returned.

Purchase invoice

Purchase invoices are created in Brightpearl when they are raised by your suppliers.

Inventory advice

Your supplier’s inventory availability can be synced with a virtual warehouse in Brightpearl.

Spscommerce Supply

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