Amazon integration

High speed integration to Amazon that allows you to handle peak seasons with ease

Connect your Amazon seller accounts to Brightpearl and sync all your inventory, orders, shipping and payments in one place. Your Amazon sales will come into Brightpearl automatically, where your inventory is shared with other sales channels, maximizing your selling potential and eliminating the risk of over selling. Brightpearl’s Amazon connector supports tens of thousands of orders per day so that you don’t need to worry about high order volume in peak seasons.

How it works


Confirmed Amazon orders are created in Brightpearl, creating new or using existing Amazon customers and automatically reserving inventory.

FBA orders

These no touch orders are automatically completed.

Amazon Prime orders

These orders are flagged as Prime in Brightpearl to ensure they can be prioritized.

Amazon Business orders

You can flag and capture the purchase order numbers in Brightpearl.

Payments and fees

Payments and fees are created in Brightpearl when Amazon make a transfer and provide a settlement report


On hand inventory levels from one or more Brightpearl warehouses are uploaded to Amazon listings.


Manage prices in Brightpearl in the currency of the Amazon site. As the price is changed in Brightpearl, it is updated automatically on Amazon.


Shipping method and tracking reference are sent to Amazon as the items are marked as shipped.


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