Reporting Portal

Make data-driven decisions by integrating with Reporting Portal

Reporting Portal is built and managed by our reliable partner Perceptium, and is seamlessly integrated with Brightpearl to extend your reporting capabilities. Your business data in Brightpearl will seamlessly feed into Reporting Portal, allowing you to run reports that are critical to your business decisions. You’ll also have the possibility to add your external data for more advanced custom reports.

How it works

Business data

Order, product, inventory, supplier, customer and warehouse data will be synced automatically to Reporting Portal.

Product attributes

Product attributes tagged in Brightpearl, such as seasons, brands, categories and custom fields will be seamlessly transferred into Reporting Portal.

External data source

Any external data source that allows API access or csv download can be combined with Brightpearl data through Reporting Portal to create content-rich custom reports.


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