The complete shipping solution

Brightpearl and EasyPost provide a powerful end-to-end solution for businesses. By integrating with EasyPost’s shipping API, shippers can automate shipping processes and easily choose carriers. This improves order accuracy, reduces errors, and ensures timely delivery. The partnership provides a comprehensive solution for managing operations and shipping, improving efficiency and reducing costs for retailers.

How Brightpearl - EasyPost integration works

Order data

Brightpearl sends order details to EasyPost for shipping label generation.

Tracking data

EasyPost sends shipment tracking information back to Brightpearl for customer updates.

Inventory data

Inventory levels in Brightpearl are updated in real-time as orders are fulfilled through EasyPost.

Shipping method

Brightpearl chooses a shipping carrier and service level through EasyPost’s carrier integration.

Returns management

Returns can be managed through both Brightpearl and EasyPost, allowing for seamless processing and tracking.

Address validation

Addresses are validated through EasyPost to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Customer data

Customer information is synced between Brightpearl and EasyPost for a complete view of customer interactions.

Shipping notifications

Customers receive shipping notifications and tracking information from both Brightpearl and EasyPost.

Shipping label generation

Brightpearl generates shipping labels through EasyPost’s API, reducing manual effort.

Financial data

Shipping costs and tracking information are synced between Brightpearl and EasyPost for accurate financial reporting.

Carrier rate comparison

Brightpearl can compare carrier rates and service levels through EasyPost to make informed shipping decisions.

Real-time visibility

Both Brightpearl and EasyPost provide real-time visibility into order and shipping status for better decision-making.


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