Parcelhub (part of the Whistl Group)

Save time and money and enhance your customers’ delivery experience with Parcelhub.

A goods out note is automatically created in Brightpearl for every sales order, and based on customer-defined rules, is downloaded to Parcelhub. Parcelhub’s intelligent shipping management software determines the best carrier option and passes the label information back to Brightpearl for printing.

Merchants enjoy the best shipping rates, a fully-automated workflow from order to label, and using Parcelhub’s proactive management service results in fewer missed deliveries and increased customer satisfaction.

How it works

Parcelhub links 20+ carriers and 600+ delivery options directly with Brightpearl

Transfer shipments (goods out)

Parcelhub downloads all goods out notes from Brightpearl automatically or from manual sync. Shipping rules can be set based on location, weight, products and more.

Create products

Products are created in Parcelhub automatically with the SKU being the unique key. Assign shipping rules and volumetric data to products in Parcelhub.

Update shipments

When a shipment is marked as shipped in Parcelhub the same goods out note is shipped immediately in Brightpearl. If a tracking reference is given in Parcelhub, this is added to the Brightpearl goods out note.


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