Maximize your business’s fulfillment efficiency with Shiptheory

Whether meeting everyday consumer demands or ensuring delivery through seasonal order fluctuations, it’s critical for your business to have the flexibility to handle efficient fulfillment processes. Shiptheory connects your business directly to your carriers, allowing the app to send goods out notes to integrated carriers for you. With flexible shipping rules, automate this process to ensure quick delivery turnarounds.

How it works


Goods out notes created in Brightpearl will be automatically transferred to Shiptheory at your chosen stage – creation, printed, picked or packed.

Shipment updates

Shiptheory will automatically submit goods out notes through your shipping rules to decide which of your chosen carrier service is best suited. Goods out notes will be updated in Brightpearl upon receipt tracking reference or any other status updates from integrated carriers.

Shipping labels

Shipping labels can be embedded into Brightpearl’s templates so they can be printed as part of your tracking notes, rather than a second label.


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