Delivering goods with your own vehicles? Optimize operations with Stream and deliver excellent customer service.

Manage your logistics with automated route optimization for multi-drop deliveries and collections; real-time driver tracking; and Proof of Delivery with our mobile App.

Improve your customer service with proactive email & SMS texts.

Simplify the process of planning and managing single and multi-depot operations. Trunking goods between warehouse and store? No problem.

Scan barcodes on and off vehicles to track items every step of the way with a full digital audit trail.

How it works


Products created in Brightpearl are reflected in Stream.


Orders to be fulfilled with own vehicles are created in Stream based on a status change in Brightpearl.


Orders with longer lead times

Stream can receive orders to be scheduled for future delivery, and be updated when the stock is allocated in Brightpearl, making the order “live” for delivery; or allocation of stock can be requested from the Stream order directly. Additionally, Stream also has an overnight process to automatically allocate out of stock orders when Purchase Orders are received in Brightpearl.

Goods out note

Option to generate goods out note per order with stock and depot allocated. Specific delivery instructions can be added.


Enable orders to be created in Stream and updated in Brightpearl.

Delivery tracking

Customer tracking reference & link produced in Stream is available against that order in Brightpearl.

Order status

As orders and deliveries are processed in Stream (delivery planned / part delivered / delivered), updates are reflected in Brightpearl.

Proof of delivery

When a delivery is marked as complete in Stream, the proof of delivery is immediately made available in Brightpearl.

Inventory levels

As products are delivered & part delivered through Stream, inventory levels are updated in Brightpearl.


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