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How To Use Automation To Save Time And Smash Your Goals

When post-purchase ecommerce operations are done manually, it’s time-consuming and overwhelming.

Too often, retailers spend their time manually completing simple tasks when they could be focussing on strategic areas like customer experience, market trends, or product strategies.

The result? Slow or even stagnant business growth.

Luckily, there is another way. Most manual operations can be automated, giving you back precious time to focus on smashing your business goals.

Our panelists have each experienced significant growth thanks to workflow automation.

In this 45-min on-demand webinar, you’ll discover…

  • The key workflows panellists have automated to save time and improve efficiency
  • The core areas where the saved time has been reinvested to boost growth
  • The next steps panellists will be taking to level-up their businesses
  • Unmissable top tips for making ecommerce workflow automation a success in your business

Meet our speakers

Nick ErnstNick Ernst
Co-Founder, Snap Supply
elissa MactaggartMelissa Mactaggart
Operations Manager, Fairfax & Favor
Dan NephewDan Nephew
Director of Systems Operations, Lovepop


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