Customer Story

Automation + stellar training? An amazing combination

Amazing Wireless LLC is a retailer and wholesaler of refurbished and new electronics, primarily cellular phones, based out of Dallas County, Texas.

“We went from nought to ten on a scale of automation in just two months. We’re now processing orders much faster than ever before!”

— Allen Zhao, Operations Manager, Amazing Wireless LLC

An amazing challenge

Prior to implementing Brightpearl, the team at Amazing Wireless were doing what so many companies do in the beginning; running their business based on data from spreadsheets and MS Office programs.

However, this presented a myriad of challenges for the business and they knew something needed to change. They were missing out on real-time synchronization across their online channels, as well as an accurate view of their business performance and accounts data.

Operations Manager, Allen Zhao, explains: “The first reason for this change was to have a synchronized effort and consistency on all our channels across the board. Along with that, another priority was to have financial clarity, and the third was to accurately control inventory in and out of the business.”

Key Challenges:

  • Real-time synchronization across online channels
  • Accurate and reliable financial clarity
  • Cross-channel inventory management

A ringing endorsement

Allen tells us that one of the key reasons why they chose Brightpearl over the other vendors also being evaluated, which included ChannelAdvisor, Sellbrite and large-scale ERP solution, NetSuite, was due to how the sales process was conducted.

“The whole team, including sales, marketing and implementation were all involved. The way they demonstrated the product meant that their passion and involvement towards the product was clear. They knew all of the pros and cons, which made us feel very comfortable.”

Once successfully signed up with Brightpearl, the next crucial part of the puzzle was to ensure that the Amazing Wireless business was successfully on-boarded onto the system and that the employees were trained and completely set up for success.

At Brightpearl, this process is completed in-house by our highly experienced and retail-focused business consultants, which Allen was keen to discuss: “Each and every member of our team has a pretty busy schedule throughout the day. The implementation team really helped us out; they kept track of where we were at, what was lagging and what needed to be done the next day.”

Allen continues: “They helped us to quickly get a grasp of how to best use the system. Having the training team involved really helped us to learn and establish everything on our end. We really appreciated all of the training sessions. From all the departments you have, everyone is good, but our absolute favorite would be the training team!”

“From all the departments you have, everyone is good, but our absolute favorite would be the training team!”

— Allen Zhao, Operations Manager, Amazing Wireless LLC

Amazing Wireless went live at the beginning of March 2018. “We went from nought to ten on a scale of automation in just two months,” says Allen. “That came with its challenges, but the training team really helped us through it. Now we’re up and running, we’re processing orders much faster than ever before and our seller ratings on eBay and Amazon have seen a sharp improvement!”

Amazingly autonomous

When looking ahead to the future of Amazing Wireless and how Brightpearl has set them up for even further business success, Allen says: “We’re turning over between $30-35 million annually, but within 3 to 5 years, we want that to be $100 million, which is achievable.”

Allen continues: “Keeping this objective in mind is the main reason why we’ve invested in Brightpearl. We need everything to be automated – all the inventory, all the financials, all the order process, all the marketing – everything will be done automatically through a system like Brightpearl, which will make us truly amazing.”

Key Facts

$30+ million

Annual turnover

$100+ million

Annual turnover goal

eBay, Amazon, Walmart