Life is Short.
Let's Automate.

Your time is valuable. How do you really want to spend it?

Brightpearl customers save

Two months
a year

when they automate
their ecommerce workflows

Do you spend so much time on post-purchase operations that you run out of time for the things you really care about?

Are you manually processing orders or updating your accounting journals when you’d much rather be seeking out opportunities to grow your business or enjoying activities with family?

We see you - and we’re here to help.

Our customers save two months (on average) every year when they automate their ecommerce workflows using our Automation Engine. Yes, really.

With the ecommerce sector booming and demand for online shopping higher than ever, there’s never been a better time to embrace automation for your business.

We've launched a handy range of resources to help you discover how your business can benefit from automating ecommerce workflows.

Let’s dive in…


Life is Short.
Let’s Automate.

What would you do with two extra months a year!? Get inspired by our customers who are already reaping the rewards after Brightpearl's Automation Engine gave them the gift of time

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Order processing is at the core of your ecommerce business - but it can also be time-consuming and, quite often, headache-inducing.

By automating the process, you can improve efficiency, speed up fulfilment and instead focus your energy on what matters most. But how does it all work?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a typical order workflow, highlighting steps that are easy to get wrong (often with unseen costs).

We'll show you how our Automation Engine can step in to transform the way you work. We also reveal the steps you shouldn’t automate -at least not straightaway.

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Typical Automation

Automation in Action: See How Our Customers Typically Use Automation Rules

The whole point of automation is to save you time and simplify your day. That’s why, at Brightpearl, our Automation Engine is easy to understand and use.

With various pre-built conditions and actions, you can create automation rules that fit your own ecommerce workflows in just a few clicks.

All the rules consist of two parts - Conditions and Actions. When Conditions are met, configured Actions on related orders are automatically triggered.

Let’s take a look at some of our most used automation rules…


Dropshipping and Back Ordering

Would you love your dropshipping or back ordering to run like clockwork? With Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, it can.


  1. Channel = Shopify, Amazon or New York Store
  2. Order Status = Ready to Process


Advanced Fulfillment

  1. If Fulfillment method = Dropship only, then send PO to the dropshipper and dropship goods to customer
  2. If Fulfillment method = Back Order only, then send PO to the supplier and ship goods to warehouse
workflow-1 Illustration


Partial fulfillment

Don’t want to keep your customers waiting when part of an order is out of stock? Set up a rule to automatically partially fulfil orders…


  1. Payment = Fully paid
  2. Order Status is NOT Cancelled or Potential Fraud


Fulfil orders

If some items are not available, would you like Brightpearl Automation to partially fulfil the order?

workflow-1 Illustration


Invoice orders

Do you manually send invoices after a customer places an order? Save yourself the hassle - automate it with Brightpearl.


  1. Order Shipping Status = All Stock Shipped
  2. Payment Status = Fully Paid


  1. Invoice Order
  2. Email the invoice to the customer
workflow-1 Illustration


Tag customers

Want to segment your customers for further customer analytics or targeted marketing campaigns? Automatically tag customers based on their buying behavior - or any other characteristics.


Channel = BigCommerce, eBay, or Walmart


Tag customer = Ecommerce Customers

workflow-1 Illustration

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