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Hosted by Caroline Baldwin

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On our popular E-Commerce Growth Hacking podcast, we speak to guests from the fastest growing online businesses in the world and uncover the strategies and hacks that have made them so successful.

Listeners can borrow and apply the same methods and technologies to scale their own business!

Listen to the latest episodes below.

Season 2, Episode 18

How Samanah Duran Went From Fashion to Forbes to Founding Her Own Media Company


Samanah Duran is a British fashion designer and retail entrepreneur that launched a clothing label and founded a media company – all before turning 30.

At 22, Duran launched fashion brand Critics Clothing, and recently made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. In support of International Women’s Day, Samanah’s sits down with Caroline to talk through why passion – and timing – is so essential to success for female entrepreneurs.

Season 2, episode 17

Bonus Episode! Sharing Lightning 50 Secrets for Fast E-Commerce Growth

Facebook_Post_–_Bonus_Episode_-_Sara_Arthrell-1 (2) (1)

Sara Arthrell is the CMO at Brightpearl, and on this special bumper episode of the podcast, she joins us to share valuable insights from the 2022 Lightning 50 league table geared towards aiding the growth of E-Commerce stores, including strategies, technology and partnerships that will support and increase huge growth scale.

Furthermore, as this week marks International Women’s Day, Sara provides a glimpse into her own experiences and challenges as a female leader in a typically male-dominated technology industry.

Season 2, episode 16

Bossing Female Entrepreneurship With Cameka Smith

Facebook_Post__Bonus_Episode_-_Dr._Cameka_Smith (2) (003)

Today we are releasing a special bonus edition of the Lightning 50 in support of International Women’s Day, and we speak to none other than Dr Cameka Smith, founder of The BOSS Network.

In this episode, Cameka and Caroline talk through how the BOSS Network came about, the prominence of female-led businesses in last year’s Lightning 50 league table, and they identify what these entrepreneurs are doing that is leading to such success, and what can others take from this.

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