Software solution for multichannel growth

A complete cloud-based solution, combined with Brightpearl POS, provides you with everything you need to easily manage and grow your multichannel retail business - no matter how complex your operations are.

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Manage multichannel sales with ease

We work with thousands of retailers and wholesale businesses and understand that as your business grows and begins selling on multiple channels, it can introduce greater layers of complexity; from managing large volumes of orders across various platforms to an increase in administrative overhead.

It’s much harder to deliver a consistent service to your customer when they are buying and interacting on many channels. With multiple touchpoints, there are more opportunities for delay, human error and bottlenecks - and you risk losing control over your business.

Fortunately, Brightpearl’s scalable solution enables you to offer customers the barrier-free shopping experience they expect by consolidating sales channels, inventory and customer data into a single integrated platform, saving you time and making your sales channels significantly easier to manage.

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Omnichannel retailer Natural Baby Shower doubles their growth with Brightpearl

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Total control of your growing multichannel business

A single view over your business that puts you back in full control. Gain deeper insights into your customers to serve them better, make informed decisions with confidence, streamline your operations and finally unlock your business’ true potential.

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Deliver a seamless shopping experience

Offer your customers the barrier-free and consistent shopping experience they expect by consolidating your sales channels, inventory, accounting and customer data into one flexible but powerful system.

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Intelligent decision making

Maximize the performance of your retail business with real-time insights across all channels, putting you in the position to make truly informed decisions.

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Greater customer insight

Gain deep insights about your customers by synchronizing information across your different platforms, so that all areas of your business have access to a single record for any given shopper, however they interact with you.

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Personalize and coordinate customer communications

Streamline sales and lead generation by making it easy to communicate with and accurately target marketing campaigns towards current and potential clients.

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Freedom to grow

Unlock the ability to grow your multichannel retail business by integrating your sales channels and removing the manual time consuming back office processes that are holding you back, like order fulfillment and financial reporting.

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Unlock the power of automation

Use our automation feature to simplify your complex multichannel operation, granting you full flexibility to manage your order workflow and sales as you need, saving time and costs that can be reinvested back into your business.

Grow your business with a single multichannel retail system.

Icelantic saves time from their back office processes to focus on sales growth with Brightpearl.

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“Brightpearl is very easy to understand and learn. It streamlines almost every aspect of our business, saves us time, gives us good information, and improves customer communication.”

Ben Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Icelantic

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Key product features for multichannel retailers

Multichannel retailers of today are interested in comprehensive solutions that integrate every facet of their business, from ordering products to the performance of their sales channels. Brightpearl offers retailers all of the functionality they need to successfully automate and grow their multichannel business.

  • Eliminate siloed data
  • Real-time accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Integrated point of sale
  • Workflow automation

Eliminate siloed data

Brightpearl’s single, integrated platform ensures that every area of your business is connected; orders are automatically downloaded from all of your sales channels into one centralized system alongside your inventory, purchasing, warehousing, accounting and reports. This means faster and more effective flows of cross-team communication and collaboration and greater levels of transparency and accuracy across your entire operation.

Brightpearl’s platform also allows you to automatically update each sales channel with information on what products are available. This is critical if you manage a mix of ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores. By integrating your sales channels with our multichannel inventory management software, you can confidently offer the same products across all of your channels, without the risk of double selling or running low.

Our high performing integrations to major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Amazon and eBay also allow your business to support separate storefronts, driven by different price lists and warehouses.

Real-time accounting

Brightpearl’s integrated solution combines sales, purchasing, and FIFO inventory management with traditional accounting features. The software allows you to instantly see the profitability of your retail business across all channels, products and customers. Understand your financial position and make truly informed decisions about your business.

Accounting journals are created automatically whenever orders are marked as paid, invoiced or shipped, and similarly, all changes to asset values are also accounted for in real-time, ensuring all your channels are accounted for quickly and accurately.

For more information on Financial Management in Brightpearl, click here.

Inventory control

You may have one store or multiple locations and warehouses, with products moving between them which can introduce complexities. You may have many different kinds of products to sell and ways to sell them, so we understand that inventory tracking requires a solution that conforms to your unique requirements.

With Brightpearl’s platform, you can sync all of your retail channels and manage your inventory in one place. With native integrations for the most popular ecommerce platforms and sales channels, Brightpearl provides a truly integrated experience for your multichannel retail business.

Inventory updates are synced in real-time across channels, ensuring your staff spend less time manually updating channels, and more time on customer service and sales.

Integrated point of sale

Brightpearl’s retail point of sale software (POS) works seamlessly with your back office system to give you a complete picture of your business.

The POS software has an offline mode, so you can automatically feed through orders into Brightpearl that have been placed within your stores or at trade shows and events. In addition, your inventory is automatically updated, and accounting journals created in real-time, creating a full order history for each customer and saving your staff countless hours of processing time.  

Workflow automation

It is increasingly difficult to meet customer expectations for same and next day delivery, especially when operating across multiple channels. The need for accurate information about product availability, shipping and inventory are crucial elements in delivering a fast, convenient shopping experience for your customers.

To meet these expectations, you need to be running the most efficient back office possible. With Brightpearl’s rules-based automation engine, you can automate your order management, fulfillment, and accounting processes, providing you with the confidence that your business can execute on its delivery promise.

World class integrations

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