End-to-end order management software for small & medium retailers

Brightpearl's Order Management System consolidates orders from all of your retail channels into a single interface where you can efficiently manage them to completion.

screenshot showing brightpearl's order management software

Better serve customers and automate your workflow

By handling all of your order management in one place, Brightpearl's order management system lets you remove complexities in your workflows, save time and automate your order process.

Manage your orders in one place

As order volumes grow, it becomes harder to manage resources, inventory and shipments to ensure accurate and timely dispatch. With Brightpearl’s order management system, orders are automatically downloaded and sales channels updated with relevant status changes and shipping details.

The biggest challenge for us was having to manually input sales order data multiple times on a daily basis. Brightpearl makes our business miles more efficient - we no longer have to manually input data and our inventory is always accurate.
— Tom Williams, Esquires

Flexible order processing software

Brightpearl’s simple but flexible interface provides the tools you need to efficiently process the orders in line with your specific business process, elegantly handling partial order fulfillment, drop-shipping, back-to-back ordering and third party warehouse solutions.

Automatic reservation of stock

When available inventory changes, all channels are immediately updated by our order management software with the correct value. This means you can offer the same item for sale across multiple channels without the risk of double selling or stock-outs.

order management software saves money


Brightpearl's order management software boasts a wide range of features to help you take control of your orders.
  • Batch order processing
  • Drop shipping
  • Supports part fulfillment and back orders
  • “Goods out” note templates auto-populate based on order info
  • Add notes and comments to orders
  • Manual entry for taking orders by phone
  • View scheduled delivery dates of orders
  • Adjust pricing on order entry screen
  • Customise order fields and take special requests directly from customers
  • View the profitability of each quote/order


With all your order, inventory and customer information stored in a single system, you can pick, pack and ship your customers’ orders faster than ever before. With Brightpearl, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Faster shipping
  • A lower number of returns
  • Professional, branded documentation
  • Instantly make decisions with Brightpearl's real time reporting.
  • Reduce human error.


Whether you're migrating from an existing order management software or setting up a brand new one, our Professional Services team help you through every step of the way. From helping you design the perfect setup to migrating your data and training your staff, we help you get the most of Brightpearl right from the start. Our process is as follows:

  1. Technical scoping and solution design
  2. Kick off and project planning
  3. Account configuration and data migration
  4. Team training and education
  5. Team testing support
  6. Go Live support
  7. Post Live support
  8. Project close and wider team introductions


How will my warehouse process orders through Brightpearl?

Brightpearl’s warehouse module is based around a print, pick, pack and ship methodology, through which we recommend processing up to 2000 orders per day. During your assessment we will develop a deep understanding of your requirements and propose the best solution to meet your needs.

Can Brightpearl sped up the production of my shipping labels?

Many businesses who come to Brightpearl waste hours per day relaying data, this can delay the fulfillment process and lead to errors. Brightpearl can integrate with almost any carrier to automatically print your shipping labels. Additionally, we integrate to market leaders in rule-based shipping aggregation.

Can Brightpearl provide custom packing notes for each channel

All orders, no matter which channel they are placed on, are collected centrally within Brightpearl making it simple and fast to print off a fully configured delivery note. During your implementation our consultants can create templates suited to your businesses, including full support for integrated shipping labels.

Does Brightpearl provide daily channel reporting?

From real time sales analysis reports showing you profit and revenue based on channel, brand, SKU and customer - to advanced daily dashboards, inventory reporting and cohort analysis - Brightpearl gives you the data to accelerate your growth and profits.



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