Effective purchase order and supplier management

Purchase order functionality that provides you with the tools you need to manage suppliers, purchasing and incoming inventory.

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Sales order management

Gain efficiency in your purchase and supplier management

Efficient purchase order and supply chain management is crucial if you’re going to get products to market quickly, reduce supplier disputes and make intelligent purchasing decisions.

As your business grows, you’ll need to track purchases and receiving of inventory across multiple timezones and countries, which means you’ll need intuitive systems in place that can easily support multi-location purchasing.

Brightpearl centralizes all your inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting and reporting data into one single system, allowing you to reliably forecast demand and prevent overextending on slow moving items. Alongside this, integrated warehousing means you can coordinate across multiple inventory locations, ensuring your products are where they’re needed most.

Benefits of integrated purchase order management

From forecasting demand, to maintaining accurate product costs and margins, Brightpearl’s purchase order tracking and supplier management solution allows you to effectively optimize your supply chain.

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Make data-driven decisions

Brightpearl collects data and produces low inventory reports to help with purchasing decisions, preventing you from overextending on slow moving items or under buying your best sellers.

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Get products to market quickly

Make your receiving process more efficient with barcode scanning, ensuring an accurate inventory. And as deliveries are tracked, you’ll ensure you and your suppliers have the same information.

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Know your true product costs

Our built-in landed-cost module means you’ll always know your true product costs, including costs that are often overlooked, such as freight charges, import duty and other taxes.

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Automate your workflows

Create rules in Brightpearl to automatically create purchase orders, including drop-shipments. EDI integrations allow you to automatically purchase from larger vendors.

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Keep on top of accounts payable

Native accounting means you’ll always know exactly what funds are owed to your suppliers and when they’re due, allowing you to easily keep on top of your accounts payable.

Forecast demand effectively

Integrations to expert tools like Inventory Planner mean you can easily forecast demand and purchase inventory in advance that is guaranteed to sell well.

Read our free guide on quantitative inventory optimization

Find out how best you can anticipate future demand using quantitative inventory optimization and the advice found in this expert guide.

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Integrated purchase order and supplier management

Data-driven purchase order management, drop-shipping automation and real-time accounting updates to efficiently optimize your supplier to door fulfillment process.

  • Centralized purchase order management
  • Automatic purchase orders & drop-ship automation
  • Multi-location purchasing & deliveries
  • Purchasing & EDI integrations
  • FIFO accounting & landed-cost
  • Accounts payable management

Centralized purchase order management

Automatic purchase orders & drop-ship automation

Multi-location purchasing & deliveries

Purchasing & EDI integrations

FIFO accounting & landed-cost

Accounts payable management

World class integrations

We integrate with the leading sales channels, marketplaces and services so you won't need to compromise on your technology stack.

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Get products to market quickly with effective purchase management software.

Alexander Francis achieve 92.3% growth with Brightpearl.

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“The great thing about Brightpearl is it allows me to go on running my business, whilst it runs the admin side of my business - it’s all taken care of.”

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Frequently asked questions

Is there low inventory reporting to help create purchase orders?

Yes. Brightpearl has its own low inventory report, which is populated by inventory threshold levels and reorder quantities. This can then be used to place automatic purchase orders with any supplier that is associated with those particular products.

Can I manage my suppliers and all outstanding invoices in Brightpearl?

Yes, you certainly can! Each supplier has its own contact “timeline” within Brightpearl just like your customers do. All orders, payment history, emails, notes and contact information is held within these timelines, allowing you to keep all information in one place. As for outstanding invoices, you can easily see these within each timeline, in your purchase order list or when viewing the real-time accounts payable report.

Is it easy to track what inventory I have on purchase order?

It’s easy to obtain this information in Brightpearl by looking at the ‘on PO’ column within your product catalog. By clicking into this number for more details, you will see exactly which purchase orders the items are on as well as which warehouses the incoming deliveries are being sent to.

How long does the implementation process take?

The time can vary from one customer to the next and is determined by their requirements which have been carefully scoped by our Pre Sales Team. We get our customers live on the system within 90 days on average, but some customers have gone live within just 14 days!

Our Professional Services team delivers the solution the customer signed off on by using a phased project methodology. It is our job to lead them safely to the outcomes they originally wished to achieve.

Each member of the team plays a key role in the project - consultant, coordinator and analyst.

Together, we ensure high quality delivery and a positive experience to ensure a strong, sticky, relationship with the customer is forged. This will set them off on the right path to have a successful long-term affinity with Brightpearl.

Does Brightpearl support both B2B and B2C?

Yes. Through best practice workflows, automated processes and useful integrations, Brightpearl can easily support the needs of both B2B and B2C businesses. To find out more about the key functionality Brightpearl offers to both business types, take a look at our detailed solutions pages for Wholesale and Online Retailers.

What does Brightpearl integrate with?

Brightpearl integrates with all the leading ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon via high performance connectors we’ve built in-house. Brightpearl also has its own integrated iPad-based point of sale with offline mode capabilities. Alongside this, we’ve also built apps to support card payments, email marketing and landed-cost. And we have a thriving ecosystem of partners who have built integrations to connect with popular shipping carriers, as well as 3PL systems, automated EDI solutions and more. Take a look at our Partner Directory for more info.

A powerful all-in-one back office solution for retailers and wholesalers

Simplify your purchase order and supplier workflows by managing all your orders, inventory, CRM, accounting and reporting in one single system. With Brightpearl, you can streamline and automate your back office, giving you valuable time back to focus on the sales and growth side of your business.

See the benefits of Brightpearl’s purchase management system in action

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